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New to WW- HELP!!!!!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
ryvita, wafer thin ham, low fat cheese triangles, potatoes for jacket spuds, veg, beans, low fat cheese, skimmed milk, porridge is good for filling you up in a morning :giggle:

I do like the WW stuff but they are a bit expensive. I like to have their bread and bagels and pitta breads!
i alos have a few of their ready meals in the freezer just in case!
Some of my ww staples are - bagels, brown pittas, the ww tins of tuna, philadelphia light and some low point treats - I like plain biscuits and rice krispie bars
If you like your chocolate, curly wurlies are good!
One thing I noticed moving over from SW - You really really do need a set of kitchen scales, so if you don't have any, pick some up :)

[Yes, I actually didn't have kitchen scales til November last year...]
Thanks Shabba and shrinkingannie, items noted and on the list!! Luckily I already have a couple of those things, I try to keep a stock of things like pitta bread, baked beans and philly.

I know what you mean about the scales, Auburn, my fave part of SW was the endless amounts of pasta and rice on a green day so I'll have to start getting into the habit of weighing everything now, grrrr!!
endless amounts of pasta and rice
This is what I was anxious of too, but before I started dietting altogether, I used to weigh out 75g of dry pasta as a serving, and thought that was plenty.... Then I did a SW stint, and now on WW, I find 100g dry pasta comfortably does two of us for a meal :D

Glad you're a curly wurly fan haha. Best invention ever :D!!

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