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New to WW


Overweight or undertall?!
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all the best for tonight!

i always go to classes on my own, i have never joined with a friend but you soon get chatting to people there

you can also show your friend what she/he is missing when you lose weight x


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Your right smirnoff, plus I think she would lead me astray if I am honest wanting us to "cheat" together and I am not up for that, just want to get on with it and lose weight


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Hi Mrs T, Good for you getting on and joining WW on your own. The fact is even if you find it difficult talking and mixing with others (as I do) you are doing the right thing in tackling that weight problem.
DO start up your own diary on here as then we know where to find you to give you support when needed.

Well done and all the best to you....:)
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You'll be fine, I know what it feels like to have the nerve to walk in on your own but everyone will have had to do it at one stage, just remember this is your first step on a fab journey


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Good luck! It really is the best decision to go!

I used to do SW with not much success, however on WW since the end of January, I have lost 20lbs and I find it so easy!

Good luck!



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I love love love going to my class. It's time out to recollect myself after every week. Its motivation to do well for the dreaded scales (even though my leader would never be negative) and its time with people who know what this is all about. We always have a giggle, and I wouldn't be without my class :)

Don't be scared. I admit the first week can be a bit crap, but its worth it and you come away raring to go :)
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after much deliberation I have decided to join a class tonight! Just need the courage to walk into the class on my own (friend was going with me but has made an excuse not to go - I am out of excuses!)....

Wish me luck!

Well done on joining - you will be so glad you did - it's a great plan! Best of luck!!


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well done for joining. i go on my own and just about everyone there is on their own so makes it even nicer as we are all friends now and spur each other on.. you'll be fine hun, remember were here for that extra support xx