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New x

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Hello, just a quick post to introduce myself. My name is Helen and about 5 years ago I got to goal on Slimming World. Unfortunately a number of things happened which led to me regaining all the weight and after having my daughter four months ago I've got an extra stone on too - great! I get married May 2011 so I have decided to try Slimming World again. I'm going to do it at home, I have the new books etc and I am going to weigh in on a Monday. Are there any forum rules I need to read etc? Also how do you get the little half stone award images and stuff?
Thanks for reading.
H x x
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Hey you and welcome! theres plenty of threads to familiarise yourself with the forum with. just copy and paste the stickers from everyone elses signatures into your own. :)

good luck with getting to goal, congratulations on your daughter and your forthcoming wedding xxx


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Hi Helen,

I too am another returning member. I have been on the SW diet a few years ago too but stopped before getting to target. I have put on about a stone since then and now feel ready to try and get to 10 stone. Only started last Tuesday but feel positive and it is going well.

I wish you every success for your weight loss journey and I am sure you will find this website really useful. The posters on here are lovely and really helpful.

The only thing I would say about the rules from what I have read is that you can't post the SW password or copy from SW site due to copyright. Other than that I haven't come across any others so far.
Best wishes x


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Hi Helen (nice name btw :D). Welcome, and congrats on the wedding and your DD!


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Hi there, hope is ok if I join in on your post and introduce myself too...been doing SW (again) after a year and also putting on a stone after dropping the classes, so this time am going to do it...Extra Easy is fantastic, especially if you have a little one to feed too!

Think that's why I couldn't get going with it last time, Red and Green just felt too restrictive...

feel so positive about it now tho, even though last night i had some toast with butter and jam (well, i felt awful after eating it, but then i worked out that i'd had 30 syns for the whole day including this so then it didn't seem so bad, can be more angelic during the week to make up for it!)

I can't seem to post any pics and there is no option for me to add any albums, was going to take the big step of showing my 'before' pic, truly horrible, as an incentive to keep going...maybe you have to be a member for longer or something?

Anyway ladies, sorry for the waffle, good luck to all of us and congrats on the weight we've already lost!


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S: 14st5lb C: 13st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 0st11lb(5.47%)
Ah, thanks Mummy Helen, explains it all :)

think i need to find my way round the site a bit!

congrats on your fab weight loss already!



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Hi there and welcome to both of you, Helen and KiltGirl. You will find this forum a wealth of support and ideas as you go along your weightloss journey.

The members here are nothing but supportive, helpful and non judgemental. We are all here for a common goal which is to lose weight and become more healthy beit that you have 10 stone to lose or 1. I stopped coming here for a while when I was going through a bad time weightwise and I'm sure had I have continued to come I would have got myself back on track much sooner.

Good luck with your journey and if there is anything at all you need to know, post, post and post, there will be someone on here that has the answer.



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Hi Helen and Kiltgirl :). Welcome to forum, and SW is a good plan to do. IF you fancy joining a newbie support group, we have one "from here to Eternally slim" in the SW section of the forum. Great support group and we share recipes and tips on getting through a tough day and a good day too. Good luck on your journey :) x


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thanks Eternalflame, have joined in the fun in the other thread, looks great...will add to your rep :) x


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Hi Helen and Kiltgirl, welcome to the site, its fab here, I belong to several threads and everyone is welcome, I also weigh on a Monday (there is a monday weigh in thread, which is fab), so come and join us, I am also doing the plan at home and this site is so useful for info hope you enjoy it :)
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Hi Helen and Kiltgirl,

Welcome to the forum, everyone is great here and really supportive. Join a weigh in Day group as well for more motivating tips and tricks.

Looking forward to getting to know you.