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Newbe - alli

Hi Guys.

No one seems to log into the alli threads so thought I'd post here if that's ok?!

Ive just bought my first lot of Alli tonight - i got the 84pill pack so estimate thats about 28 days worth of pills. Im a slimming world diet plan follower, and have so far lost 1st 12lbs but still have 5st 11lbs to loose

My weightloss seems to be taking forever so im hoping this will give me a boost. I exercise frequently - spinning aerobic step pilates and gym. But finding i still need an extra boost - mostly to keep me motivated!!

How is everyone finding alli - anyone else following a slimming club diet? How is it working for you? ?? ANY TIPS ?? Ta xxxx
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Hi MizKirsty, welcome to the forum! I think most people just tend to post in the Xenical section, Alli seems to be a very quiet page! I've been on Xenical in the past but I'm taking a break for now to try Slim Fast, but I just thought I'd say hello and wish you good luck with your journey :)
Aw ok thanks for saying hi don't feel totally alone now lol xx


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I've just noticed our starting weights were very similar, well done for losing almost two stone already! I can't wait till I'm in your position, two stone lighter :) Hope you're having a good day!
What's the difference then?! Yours is a stronger dose?! Xx


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Xenical is twice the strength of Alli, that's why it's prescription only. You could try asking your doctor for it? It'll work out cheaper in the long run and it's twice the strength. All they usually specify is a BMI over 30 to qualify for Xenical :)
Hmmm I might try that then I got alli to see if it actually made a difference before I went to the doc to see if I could get it.

When I ask a year or so ago all I got was you need to prove you can loose weight before we give you that. Which kinda put me off raising the subject again :s xxx


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My doctor asked me to lose 2kg (4.4lbs) before she'd let me have it, but I found that quite easy to achieve. I keep coming off it then going back to it, and she's happy to prescribe it for me any time now, because we've recently found out I have PCOS so I need to lose weight for my health. It's worth asking! :)
I've lost 1st 12lbs hoping to wi on Monday and have lost 2st in total so hopefully that will show my commitment I've lost jut over 10% o my body weight so far but feel like I need a boost as it's taken ages to loose that xx


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If the doctor weighed you before you started losing weight, then they should have no problem in giving you the pills, good luck! :)
Yeah they have I shall try after I've used the alli :) xx
Yeah exactly hopefully when I've used the alli I'll go and see her and hopefully get a prescription xx

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