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  1. karen65

    karen65 New Member

    Hi my name is Karen and I haven't used this site for a very long time . I am really interested to hear how the new simply start on weight watchers is going with the members . I have done slimming world and weight watchers in the past . I am a bit of a food hoover atm and need plenty of filling food . Any ideas or recipes would be appriecated thank you :)
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  3. chocmad86

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    I am new here and to weight watchers. Just joined last night!!

    I'm on the simple start with 2 treats this week then as I understand next week I can stay on simple start but with 49 weekly points or go to the full point system.

    I personally love just having a large list of normal foods to eat as much as I like of with no weighing and counting and just use points for extra so think it's going to work well for me!

    Tonight I'm having prawns with Greek yogurt lemon and herbs on jacket spud and salad. All free!! :) xxx
  4. karen65

    karen65 New Member

    I think I might give it a go always seem to be hungry . debating whether to join weight watchers online as I had going to class . ( done it so many times :( )xx

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