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newbie - am i doing this right ???


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Hi All
We all after a life tme of SW, WW and Atkins i have finally decided to just count calories and SFseemed the easiest way to start so here i am.
Can i ask someone to check my menu from today just to make sure i am doing this right!

B - Vanilla Shake
S - Nectarine & a satsuma
L - Vanilla Shake
S - pack of walkers French Fries (86cals)
D - Lg Mixed Salad, fish in bread crumbs (253cal), 1/2 tin peas ( 75 Cals)
WW choc pud (67 cals 8 strawberries (80ish ??) and 2 squirts of squirty cream (50 cals)
Im not sure how many cals in the salad ??

S - 2 x ryvita ((68 cal) and a Dairylea Light triange(26cal) marmite ( 20cals)

Is this ok ????

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That looks pretty good to me, you could try using myfitnesspal.com, you can look up calories of food on there and keep a log of how much you've had each day.
Also make sure your drinking plenty of water, you can add some low calorie squash if you like just count the calories, your aiming for around 1300 a day on slimfast.


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thanks, i have drunk 2 litres of sugar free squash today - i cant drink water unless im un thr gym - for some reason it makes me gag!!
Am i ok to drink pepsi max / diet coke as well for an occasional treat ?
thanks again


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Well done with the squash, I did really well the first couple of weeks for water but this week I've been awful.
I'm pretty sure diet fizzy drinks are ok, I don't have them myself as don't like fizzy drinks(unless it's champagne:p)


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I agree, my fitness pal is excellent for keeping track of calories etc.


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Seems like you've got your head Round it fine hun!!

I'm the same as you, I loved SW and I'm sure it'll be a great way for me to maintain. But I needed something more drastic and disciplines, and although I've been a bit of a cheat In my first week, I'm sure my cal count is way below that of SW, plus I've been so much more conscious of portion size and when I've cheated I've compensated for it elsewhere. I think on SW I enjoyed all the food almost too much, so a treat or over indulgence didn't seem out of the ordinary!!

Good luck with SF, I'm really enjoying it so far, hope you do too!!

:) Rhi :)
hi. menu looks good to me. yes you can have as many diet fizzy drinks as you like. i am making my way through a 2lt bottle of cold cream soda atm. taste just like a mr whippy ice cream in a drink form with no cals!
also use myfitnesspal.com to track all your daily meals and snacks. it does all the calorie counting for you. just add the food you have eaten for the day and it tells you the contents of it all :D
Sounds like your doing great to me.


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looks to me like your doing pretty good and got your head round it


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Thank you all!!
Day 2 has been a little bit tougher!! think i was sooooo motivated yesterday lol!!!
Sounds great to me.
I found it OK for the first few days, then it was hard for a week or two, but I've been doing it for about 7-8 weeks now, and it's not hard at all any more.

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