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Newbie and already struggling ish

Hi I'm on day 2, yesterday I hit a big low in the evening. Liked the choc and strawberry shake, was nearly sick over the soup and I will eat anything!!!

Managed to get it down but it has rocked my confidence some what.

To say I was full of enthusiasm to start this diet was an understatement. I was dying to start it, so was really surprised how I was feeling yesterday.

I'm on day 2 now and feeling a little better today. Not happy over having to cook the family meal 2night. Husband came home for lunch and made BACON sandwiches!!!

Locked myself in here and decided to talk to you all.

Sorry to witter on, still recovering from finding out how high my BMI was.

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It does get easier honest, and your taste buds will change and you will find you quite enjoy the soups or shakes as you go on. Although some you'll just never get on with!!!! Just try to keep out of the way whilst hubby is cooking! that's what I do! although mine has taken to eating out in the day as he's been off this week, which has been very kind of him!!!

Good luck, I promise it'll get easier every day and by your first WI you'll be elated!!!! x
it does get easier ,im day 4 and find im not hungry at all .. even hard to get shakes in ... its just the thought of the taste of the food thats getting to me but no hunger pains tg ... just pass day 3 and u will feel so much better


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hey classy - i tried the chicken soup on day 1 as well, and it scarred me for life. I've tried it a few times since and I just can't stand it so i've give up on that one.

as for the cooking for family - i found it REALLY hard for the first week, but surprisingly (and to my husbands joy) i love cooking now. i'm constantly looking up new recipes and watching cookery programmes. its mad really cos i never even liked cooking before! you find that the smell becomes enough for you.

good luck - keep strong and keep smiling, once you get the first week out of the way it will become easier for you allround xxxx
Many thanks for the advice everyone.
I'm holding in there at the moment.


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Keep going hun, I am having naughty thoughts today lol BUT I am determined to beat that eating imp inside me as I know how successful this can be if done properly. Just take each day as it comes but guaranteed after the first 3 days it get sfar easier & after your first weigh in you will find it so rewarding.
Good luck & just come on here & shout if you are having a wobble.
(Oh & I cant stomach the soup either & the 'flapjacks' are like shoe soles but you shouldnt have them for a few weeks anyway)
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Good luck and welcome classy.

I hated the chicken soup in my first week and haven't had it since! If you have more then ask your pharmacist to change them, they are usually pretty good.

Hang in there and pop on here as often as you need to.



Always welcome new m8's!

Chicken one sucks, never gettin it again! Ive found when im hungry a black coffee helps, or water. Im learning to time my meals to right before my foster daughter eats so im not hungry when she eats!

You learn i guess!

Good luck
Many thanks your all really fab


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By this time next week you will never believe you felt like this. hang in there and the reward will come on WI day!
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Hi Classy well done hang in there it definitley gets easier, the 1st soup I had was vile so the 2nd one I added more water and some herbs and black pepper quite palatable. if you get a pang have some water /black coffee nice bath you will succeed.


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I have added chilli powers, curry powder, and chinese five spices to my soups and that seems to work - I blend for extra long though! Hang in there I'm on day 5, it does get easier! :D

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