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Newbie -depressed and feeling ill

Hi Folks,
I'm really down & need to lose weight. I've had a disease for a number of years and been waiting for surgery. Been into hosp 2 times in the last 5 months and when out, am practically house & bed bound & have the nurse in daily.
I'm getting fatter and fatter even though I try. I was excellent last week and still gained 1lb. I put this down to not moving around/exercise.
I feel ill, have high blood pressure and need to do something to get some off, whilst still recouperating. Walking is out of the question as I have a seton suture in situ (it cuts through bowel muscle & hangs out of bottom) and it is very painful.
HOW can I stop putting weight on when not even walking around?
I am desperate but I know I have issues with food. I eat for the sake of eating, even when full.
I bought Paul Mckenna DVD 2 yrs ago & it remains unopened.
I think I have deep rooted issues that relate back to my childhood. I seem to be punishing myself by eating myself to death, and cannot control it. Though I am t total by choice and gave up smoking without a craving.
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Hi, I think the first thing you need to do is get yourself better. Stop beating yourself up about not being able to do anything at the moment, it really can't be helped. Why not start to plan ahead instead? Maybe get details of recipes that you want to try etc.
Perhaps whilst you are incapacitated you should try opening the DVD you bought and give it a go, it may give you some motivation.
Once you're well enough then consider joining SW online and take it from there xxx


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Welshlady, welcome to site..

I dont feel qualified enough to advice you on exercise when bed bound. But as far as eating goes, stick with the plan, write everything that passes your lips down as there could be some hidden syns etc.. make sure you eat enough, all your healthy extras and keep it interesting, try new recipes and foods.. who prepares your meals?? We will help you as much as we can xx
Hi, Thanks both.
Last week I had 2 weetabix made with water & tot of milk & No sugar, ham sarnie (brown as per SW plan) no marg. And meat & veggies with 1 oxo made up with boiling water for gravy. Had apples, 1 muller light each day & shop bought melon & grape tray.
I dont lose weight easily when active, always having to keep below the normal syn level. Once I had to eat a meal plan prepared by consultant, ate 7-10 syns a day & gained weight that week.

I just know SW is the one for me....its easy. I am worried that I have tipped the scale with my size. Its making me feel very ill. I've never been this big, weighing in at 20'9" now. Gained 11lb of that in last 2 months.
Hey hun, im not in exactly the same boat but i can sympathies slightly i suffer from IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) which can sometimes restrict me from leaving the house which makes me feel lazy, lethargic depressed and when im feeling like this the last thing i want to do is exercise .

i am normally a happy go lucky girl who is very energetic so it is horrid to feel so restricted so i can only try to imagine what your going through- however since taking up SW the food combining seems to be really helping and gives me much more energy and is making me feel much more happier just in myself , listen to me goin on with myself all i wanted to say really is keep your chin up everyone here will be here to support you and good luck xx


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WL You dont say whether you have actually signed up to SW or you are doing it alone.. do you have all the up to date info?


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Have you spoken to your GP about your problems? I know locally they are referring people to SW on a free trial kind of basis. Perhaps your doctor can offer some medical assistance to kick start you?
i am an old member from years back when I lost 5 stone. It had just changed and stopped using corned beef freely, pasta in sauce became syns & macaroni cheese bacame. I used to live on those so was disappointed and had to alter meals.
I'm usually very outgoing but this last 4 months has been dreadful.

Daisy - I have Fistula disease which is a side effect of Crohns, which they now suspect I have....as the markers are high. They are going to test for it when this latest fistula has gone.
will ask Doc about referral and am considering asking for Tabs, though I hate medication really. Thanks for the idea though. It could be worth a try as a kick start.
Was thinking of getting a Wii and doing as much as possible when sat down?? Can that increase my chances?


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It has all changed again. It would be good for you to go to the slimmingworld website and get a 7 day menu.. its free.. so why not?? ;)


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S: 14st12lb C: 14st1lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st11lb(5.29%)
I wouldnt waste my money on a wii.. you can exercise your arms with tins of beans in your hands you know :D
:hug99: aww hun i hope everything goes OK with the tests xx

and you have done this before so you know you have the dedication in you and im sure this forum will help to boost you up too x


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That's a good suggestion emski as there has been a lot of changes.

As for a wii, I wouldn't recommend one to yourself as they are all active games that require you to stand on the balance board that comes with it, do yoga poses, muscle exercise, step and boxercise, all which are based around you standing on the balance board.

Speak to your GP they are there to help and if you're serious about losing weight they should be willing and able to give the right advise for you x
Thanks Sandra. Advice taken. Not owning one, I wondered if there were excercises to do sat down.

Slimming world site - 7 day menu plan. Love that swede topped Cottage pie. Chips too! Seems they use alot of Quorn now. I tried the sausages many years ago..they were horrid. Have they changed now?
Bowyers 95% used to be free. are they still? Cos I lived on them.


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S: 14st12lb C: 14st1lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st11lb(5.29%)
Bleeuugghhhh quorn.. I hate that stuff!!! yes chips .. egg chips and mushy peas.. lovely:D there are plenty of recipes and ideas on here x
Hi hun,ive struggled with my weight now for 10 years,i also have an illness and i know how hard it is.I have just read a book called'the amaxing adventures of diet girl'by laura reid ,it has given me so much will power ,shes a fantastic girl who has lost 11 stone.she has her own blog .take care love kat


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HI Welsh Lady, welcome to the forum. I can't really give you any advice as it sounds like you need to get some exercise advice from the doctor. As for the plan, it has changed a couple of times in the 4 years I have been doing it so I would definately recommend going back to a group or doing and online or postal membership. If you can get to a group I would suggest asking your doctor if they do the vouchers. Only certain councils do them but it is worth asking

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