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Newbie here, confused!


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I am starting Xenical tomorrow. I have a lot of weight to lose but for now I am concentrating on the first half stone.

My doctor didn't really explain much and I have been reading through the threads trying to understand but I am still a bit confused so if someone could please help me I would appreciate it :D

I understand you aim for no more than 15g fat per meal, so am I right in thinking you can't have more than 45g fat daily? Is it ok to have something like a small bag of Quavers or Snack A Jacks as a snack? Can you ever have a small bit of choc or alcohol?

I know you go by the 100g fat rule but if you are only eating a serving (eg a bag of Quavers) do you just count a quarter of that?

Sorry for all these questions I am just so puzzled!!! :confused:
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Hi florabell

I didn't have much guidance from my dr either and it does seem very confusing when you start.

What i do is make sure that each meal I eat contains no more than 5% fat in total (5g per 100g). Any more than 5% fat opens yourself up to the possibility of side effects.
I also make sure that the portion contains no more than 15g of fat. Therefore, if the serving size is 300g, 5% = 15g but if the serving is larger, it needs to have less than 5% fat to make sure you don't go over the 15g limit. By doing this you make sure you don't suffer any of those unwanted side effects because xenical doesn't cope with more than 15g of fat at a time - any more will be 'got rid of' - you know what i mean!

With snacks, I generally eat only a piece of fruit or a ryvita cereal bar (less than 1% fat) although I'm trying to move away from snacking as thats always been my downfall.

I hope my explanation makes a teeny bit of sense? It does seem really confusing to start with, but its suprising how quickly you get into the swing of things. I've done 3 weeks and its almost second nature.
I also bought a book which I have found quite useful reading The Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible: The UK's Most Comprehensive Calorie Counter: Amazon.co.uk: Tracey Walton, Pat Wilson: Books it has pretty much every food and breaks it down into the calorie and fat content per 100g and per serving size. I figured it would help me in the long term.

Good luck on xenical. As long as you don't stray from the 5% and 15g rule you shouldn't have any effects at all.

Let us know how you get on

Kate x x


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Hi Florabell

Welcome. I love your name!

I'm only on week 2, so I'm not very experienced with it all either.


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S: 14st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

Didn't mean to send that reply so soon!! I was just going to say that Kate (coffeebean), is absolutely right, it really does become second nature very quickly.

Good luck.

Lins :party0011:


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hi! i'm on day 3, just sort of figured it out. i read the labels and allow upto 15g of fat per meal.. if i eat less than 100g of something i divide the fat content (e.g 1g) by the 100g serving - then multiply that figure by the actual amount i've eaten - e.g 1g of fat divided by the 100g serving (as it says on the nutritional info) = 0.01g per 1g serving - then multiply by the amount i served myself - e.g. 50g = 0.5g of fat for that meal.. leaving me with 14.5g of fat for other portions of that meal.. hope that makes sense!!!


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thank you for the replies, I think I got a handle on it..kinda..lol.

I've just taken my 1st tab this morning and then had an egg fried in a little frylight, 2 slices of wholegrain toast with a scrape of diet flora and 1/2 tin baked beans..I think that comes well under the 15g so fingers crossed!


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Be careful with eggs, as a medium egg is roughly 11g of fat per 100g, and 2 eggs will be over 100g. Some people are fine with eggs, some aren't. so just be aware that you *may* have a side effect.


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it does take a while to get used to the fat amounts, but it does get easier and you will find what is right for you, i still have trouble!!


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Welcome Florabell :)

Im new to, Im on day 7 and it is becoming easier i just write down EVERYTHING that passes my lips :) .. I think thats the best tip i could give,
I had a fried egg white last night cos i was to scared to try a whole one lol

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