Newbie here


Hello Everyone

Just wanted to say hi to you all as this is the first time i've used a forum, didn't know what it was till I asked the question!

I have read a few of your entries and seems like we all go through the same sort of problems with dieting in general let alone the CD. I did the LL programme last year and lost 4 stone, looked great, felt great and in my eyes did really well. Unfortunately one year on and i've put it all back on again!!

Decided on CD because its very similar to LL but a heck of a lot cheaper! But i'm on my 4th day and am sad to say that I am really struggling!! I am on the verge of giving up because I feel sick a lot after i've had a pack. I don't want to give up all I keep thinking about is this time last year, how good I looked and felt and I want to be there again!

I get weighed on Wednesday evening so hopefully that will jolt me into carrying on - because its for the better!

Take care all - i'm sure i'll be on here again soon. XX
Hi De51re
Nice to meet you! Well done on not rolling over and giving up but tackling the challenge again. Unfortunately, for most of us, dealing with a weight problem is an ongoing issue: we're never 'cured'.

I've heard from quite a few members that they've felt nauseous in the early days of CD and the advice has been that it might be down to the high concentration of vitamins and minerals. Your body soon adjusts but in the meantime, try splitting your packs into six smaller meals to make it easier for your body to digest and absorb.

Keep coming back here for encouragement and support: we're all here for each other :)
Hiya and Welcome!

Like Debbie said, try splitting ur packs, or putting more water with them, I always add far more water than told too, otherwise they taste yuk to me. I enjoy mine now

Try and stick with it, and everytime you feel like giving in, come on here and vent, thats what we are here for. I am always here, people are probably fed up with me, but it helps me so much.

Looking forward to getting to know you
Thanks ladies, just enjoying my Chocolate tetra pack (watered down!) and I shall continue to log on here on my lunch break to get your kind support.
Hi there

I'm also on day 4 of CD!

Its hard isn't it!! I don't really feel hungry today but just feel like i want to eat something! Also being at work doesn't help for me as i always ate more during the day.

What flavours are your favorite so far? I love the chocolate velvet carton, i put it in the freezer yesterday so it was like ice cream!!! I've also made the chocolate sachet in to a cake/muffin which was also quite nice.

We could keep in touch if you like as we are at the same stage of misery :D

Lorraine xx
Don't struggle, read peoples posts find inspiration (pass the time), distract yourself.

It hard I lost 4 stone for my wedding last year I have put it all back on and extra besides, I didn't even get to goal. I could give myself a big slap. I am so angry and upset with myself.

My daughter is sat here eating smoking bacon crisps and I keep thinking don't take on and throw it all away on day two. So I am distracting myself by posting to you :) .

I keep thinking to myself it works, it works. What ever gets me through the day at this point.

Keep at it, you have done it before, you can do it again :D