Newbie saying hello with questions



Hi everyone, a friend of mine pointed me in the direction of ths site as I want to try something different to get to my goal weight.

My background is I was 13 stone 8 at my heaviest and joined WW last October. By March this year I was 11 7 and reasonably happy (wanted to get under 11 but started struggling). Went on holiday in may and it went downhill from there. I'm now 12 stone 5 and feel bigger than ever. Start WW most Monday's but don't seem to to get anywhere. I need something that's going to give results fast and my friend suggested CD.

Can anyone please give me the basics, how hard it really is etc and how much an average loss is the first few weeks. I'd love to be 10 stone 7, would that be anywhere near achievable by Christmas?

Thanks in advance

Everybody is different and weight loss seems to vary a lot. But you can count on losing at least a stone a month and a bit more the first month. Some lose a lot more.
It is hard the first few days but gets easier. How hard depends on all sorts of things, how disciplined you can be, how much water you can make yourself drink, whether you can occupy your mind with other things, etc etc.
If you set yourself a realistic target, say to be under 11 stones by Christmas, then if you lose more it will be a bonus. Nothing is a magic wand, but there's no denying that this diet works if you follow the rules. I'd say go for it, there's a lot of support here and if it's what you want then you'll succeed.
Hiya, you can only SS as long as your BMI is over 25....the losses are fab, and although its not easy, the rules are simple....take all your packs for the day and drink tonnes of long as you do that you cant go far wrong...once you get into ketosis you'll be flying.....and this site IS THE BEST place to be for support no matter wat diet you are doing...any questions you have, there is usually someone about to sort you out!

So, eh.....wat are you waiting for?!
Hi Treacle (great name :D ), you need to find yourself a Cambridge Diet counsellor as that's the person you will buy your food packs off & give you loads of support & encouragement and will be able to advise you on which of CD's plans will suit you best. There is a sticky thread with counsellor's details on or go to the Cambridge Diet site Cambridge Diet home page and click on the link counsellors to find someone in your area.

This is great site for support & advice, and you'll always find someone on here who can help you.

Take care whatever you decide to do
Hi Treacle and welcome, you have deffinately come to the right place for diet support, tips and encouragement.

As said before, your best starting place is to find a CD councellor in your area who will be able to advise you of what will suit you.

There is no doubt this diet works and works fast and with the amount you have to loose you wouldn't need to be on it for too long anyway.

It's true to say that you can loose around a stone a month and once you get into it after a few days it's probably easier than a diet where you have lots and lots of food decisions to make each day.

The main tip is drinking loads of water - at least 4 pints but preferable alot more than that.

Good luck - let us know how you go