Newbie Slimming world - help!

I just wanted to get some advice from people on here. I joined slimming world previously and gained about 8lbs in my first week and i stopped going because i was so down about it.

I have re-joined and i want to know, has anyone else gained in their first week? is it normal to gain such a big amount?

today i wasn't that hungry so I had a warburtons square wrap (8syns), passata and cheese (hex) and i've had 3 small bananas today, a coffee and some diet coke. Am i on the right tracks?

tomorrow i plan on having cornflakes (5syns), milk (hex), tomato soup (home made 0 syns), bananas inbetween and for dinner i plan on having boiled rice with lots of vegtables and some soy sauce. i am cutting out syns in meals as i plan on having a lattee tomorrow. :)

i hope someone can help me out as I am really confused with this whole slimming world thing. I will speak to my consultant proparly next time, was a bit shy lol.
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