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Newbie - SW to WW


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Just wanted to say hello. I switched from SW to WW properly about a week ago.

All I can really say is weigh what needs to be weighed - you would be surprised. If you can afford them the WW kitchen scales are a god-send. I find snacking on low point stuff - pears, strawberries, apples, oranges etc., helpful.

Don't know how many points you are on, but I try to divide mine equally between meals and leave some over for snacks. Takes some getting used to though.

Anyway good luck and I have found everyone on here to be really friendly and helpful.
I find it helps to plan in advance. I do a weekly main meal plan anyway, but every evening I will sit down and plan all my meals for the next day so I know what points I have left for the odd treat, and if I know I'm going to have a higher point dinner, I can work in a lower point lunch or vice versa.
hi started weight watchers 3 weeks ago and i have lost 5lb so far. I did really well in my first week and then even though i wasn't well I still lost a pound and that was with out any excersice.

Hope you do well

Kirsty x
Good luck honey! I've done SW before and really prefer WW - you can have so many different foods, I find it a lot less restrictive, and it really helps with portion control xxx
Thanks all. I am really looking forward to WW - especially the prospect of tomato soup with white bread!! lol

I am not going to a class, money is a bit tight, which is part of the reason for switching from SW but will be on here for a bit of inspiration!

I moved from SW to WW this week too so we can all get used to it together. Am loving the range of food so far! I had my first doughnut for months as my snack allowance and have also had filling meals all on 15.5 points so have 2.5 points left if I want a snack this evening or can carry them over til tomorrow. x
Your photos look fab Debbie!!

Must admit I am a bit worried - I am so used to snacking on fruit and making anything out of passata but I have no idea the points value of anything unless it has a WW label on it!!! xxx
passata & tomatoe puree is free on ww, apples are 0.5pt plums are 3 for 0.5pt bananas can be high tho a large on can be 2pts, french fries crisps, are only 1pt a pack! goodluck with ww, iv done both & its really hard to go from one plan to the other x
I am really enjoying going back to basics- looking up values of everything and recording everything. Makes me feel nice and in control :)
Also, really really loving the treats I can have :) xx


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Welcome to the world of ww you will enjoy the variety.

If you dont have any ww books I would suggest you either get them on e bay or just go to one class to get the books and the new member talk. I think there is still a special offer for free class and registration, check their web site.

I would recommend you write everything down, weigh and point everything accurately. Oh and come on here regularly too. Good luck
Hi, im also changing from sw to ww. Today will be my first day, it should have been last week but had to go to wales. Im hoping I will do much better on ww as it seems more controled.
Good Luck to us all :)


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Hi :)

Wednesday is my first day too, I'm quite looking forward to it but also nervous :) Ah well, it can't be that bad surely!

How much (roughly) are the WW scales @ meetings please? It'll be a lot easier as my kitchen ones are useless!

Thanks :)


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Hi, i would say, after sw, it does take a few days to get head round the fact you can have anything as long as you count. good luck


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Hi. I am in my 6 th week on w.w. I also attend meetings once a week. The offer is still on for first meeting free , so you could attend and maybe get a point calculator as they are on offer for Β£ 4.95 at the minute. They will tell you the points in anything you have the cals and sat fats info on. I take mine everywhere. But there are plenty of us on here to help , so if you ask there will always be someone willing to tell you the points value of what you have eaten and you can always look at the w.w points thread too. Lots of luck to you.x


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Hi There

I am too switching from SW back to WW - Sw is too restricted and i have to say i enjoy a chinese and a glass or 2 of red wine after a long hard week at work !!!

am really looking forward to eating cracker bread and laughing cow extra light for my morning break rather than fruit - was totally sick of it !!!

The question above about the WW scales - they are €60 her in Dublin so maybe about Β£50 or so ( im crap at currency exchange)

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