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Newbie to CD


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S: 17st4lb G: 11st7lb
Hi there ust thought i would introduce myself to everyone. I am a newbie to CD and started on Monday so only on day 4, and struggling a little but getting better. My starting weight I am ashamed to say was 17st 4 1/2lb:wave_cry: and a size 22/24, but i have taken the first steps. My job needs me to be fit and have just failed a fitness test so under a bit of pressure, also mum has terminal cancer and was rushed into hospital last sunday but am determined to keep going, just need lots of support and reading the threads I think you are all going to be there for me.
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Welcome aboard!

It's hard to diet under pressure, but I'm sure you'll find CD to work very well.

Sorry to hear about your mum. We'll be sending good thoughts to her.
Welcome and good luck on your CD journey Hugybear. Keep at it, get your first weeks weigh in under your belt then look forward to tightening it when the weight falls off.

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Welcome to the group hugybear, I am also a newbie to CD just two weeks in so far. I’ve just been taking it a day at a time and concentrating on the positives but it isn’t always easy, you have to have the will and determination of a gladiator to do this diet, but you can do it im sure.

Good Luck:D


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sorry to hear about your mum:cry:

what was the fitness test for and can you re-take it at some point?? Im on day 4 today today xx


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Hey Hugybear, welcome to CD. We wish your mum all the best and we will be here to support you whenever you need us.

We have a thread named "The March Team" where everyone who started circa March has joined and it's always helpful knowing that we have started at a similar time to you and know what you are experiencing.

Good luck and keep strong.:talk017:


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Welcome... every one here is fantastic at motivating others and we are all fighting the same battle.

Sorry to hear about your mum, keep going though as I'm sure she wants you to be fit and healthy and make the most of your life.

Try and plan for trying times ahead - try the chocolate or chocolate orange hot, it's very comforting! Always keep a couple of packs (or meal bars when you can have them) in your bag/car for emergencies.

When it gets too much for you, take some time out for yourself and instead of turning to food have a hot bath, buy a book (light reading) and lose yourself in it occasionally, do your nails, call a friend for a chat or post/read posts on here.

If you need a moan or feel down then talk to us - there is always someone who can relate to what you are telling us.

Keep your chin up chick! :grouphugg:


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S: 17st4lb G: 11st7lb
Thanks ladies
its great to now that I have all you new friends out there to support me, mum is doing ok have another meeting on Monday to decide what is going to happen to her, it has been confirmed by the hospital that her cancer is deteriating fast now, but wont let that get me down have had two years longer than we should have had, which I will be eternally greatful for, when dad had cancer only had a week with him before he passed away. My fitness test is for the forces and yes i can take it again, I just wanted to get that one out of the way as we have to take and pass 6 in two years and that would have been the last one, i get very stressed out about it, am still in probation period so it can be used against me should they wish to sack me.:(
Have my first weigh in today at 10 am, am excited but also nervous, i did weigh myself on my scales and according to them have only lost a few pounds but better than putting it on, it has been a hard week dont think i am yet in ketosis checked with the wee stick and still on buff colour, it seems that everyone goes into it about day 3 but "I'm still waiting waiting" (hey was that not a song by Diana Ross, I am showing my age now). First day back at work yesterday since starting diet and guess where the water machine is, right next to the chocolate one aaaahhhhh! decided wont take any money to work then cant give in to temptation, but it was ok, at work again today so hope it is as good.
Thanks again for all your support. :553:


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Hey hugybear! Welcome! I am new too. Really sorry to hear about your mum, It must be quite difficult to stick at it even through the hard times. You can do it though...like everyone has commented, we are all here for your support! keep up the good work! :)


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Hi Hugybear, Im sorry to hear about your mum. Good luck with your first weigh in looking forward to seeing how you do. x


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Hi Hugybear.

I'm sorry to hear about your mum, my thoughts are with you.
What service are you in?

I started CD on 02.01.09. I have wanted to join the Royal Navy for about three years and always said I'd lose the weight and then three weeks before Christmas my Grandad passed away. He had been in the Navy also and I am determined this time to lose the weight and join up to make my Grandad (and my Gran who was a WRN and wants me to join!) proud.

We can do this together.

E xxx
S: 18st11lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 6st7lb(34.6%)
great news just arrived back from weigh in lost 6 1/2lb, apparently I have made a few mistakes aswell so really chuffed.
Well done! That's a really great start.

Good luck for your 2nd week (it really does get easier ... honest! :D)


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S: 17st4lb G: 11st7lb
I am in the police force, like you I want to get through my training for my mum,
Just had a bowl of the porridge YUCK, i like porridge so thought i would give it a go, smelt loverly tasted awful. Now i feel cheated as i cant have anything else until lunch, never mind it had to be tried. Am really looking forward to this week after wed am of work for nearly 3 weeks, and my hubby told me yesterday that he has booked for us to go away with some friends this weekend, my cdc said it couldnt come at a worst time, as my cravings will be at their highest then, but i need it and will just have to try to be good.
S: 12st7lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.57%)
well done hugybear, i no what ur going thru my mother in law has bone cancer its a very hard time for my hubbys family at the moment, my thoughts are with u and ur family,
keep up with the diet lots of ppl on here have been so good to me and today i needed it more then ever, this is my day 4 now, how are u feeling now hun?


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S: 17st4lb G: 11st7lb
Stacey thanks for your comments, had a really rough day yesterday, the night before we were told mum could go into respite, she was so excited only to be told half an hour later to be told it was not going to happen, My sister ran me yesterday morning in hysteria she had lost the plot and was on melt down she was exhausted I had to ring in work and tell them I would not be in and then had to made a dr appointement for my sister before going to the hospice and begging with them to take mum which they eventually did thank goodness so was running around all day trying to get it sorted I so desperatly wanted to eat something ended up having a few nuts which i knew i should not have had but it was the best i could do.

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