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Newbie to slimming world


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I'm 21, turning 22 this month. I'm 5ft 2 and weigh 67.4kg. I thought after finishing Uni all the weight I had put on from the alcohol and unhealthy diet would come off but find that when I'm at work I'm continuously hungry, I think it's more to do with wanting to eat as a distraction when your sat at the desk all day. I am able to go out some days and find when distracted I am not as hungry. I got the the slimming world magazines from the daily Mirror and have decided to join the group on Wednesday and bit nervous as to how it all works - What were people's first meetings like? Is there anything I should take? I've read a few of the syns blogs which are useful. I think my biggest problem is my father likes to eat out a lot, is there a book you can get with syn values for restaurants? How much would you expect to pay for it?

My mother is getting married on valentines day and I'm bridesmaid so hoping to have lost as much as I can by then and realistically want to get to around the 9 stone mark before the summer!

Any helpful hints would be gratefully appreciated :)


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HI and welcome to SW!

The hardest thing is making that decision to walk in the door so well done on doing that The meeting will be low key so dont worry. Phone the consultant ahead of time so s/he knows you are coming and you will prob be told to go along a bit early. All the newbies will sit with the consultant and they will take you through the plan and give you the member pack. While this is going on everyone else will be getting weighed then you can get yourself a tea or coffee and join the main group for image therapy. This is where the consultant goes round the group and talk bout how their week has been, congratulating them if they have lost or if they have had a bad week chatting about why that might have happened and getting suggestions from everyone else on how to handle those difficult times.

There will be slimmer of the week award - everyone brings along a piece of fruit/veg or a free food for the basket and the winner gets to take it all home. There may be people getting their awards for reaching weight loss milestones. They will probably a raffle - tickets at mine cost 50p and proceeds go towards paying for the tea/coffee and getting the raffle prize.

Then everyone goes home and if you have decided that you def want to join then you pay your fee and get weighed. Nobody will know what you way other than you and the person weighing you (they sign a confidentiality agreement). you do not need to take anything other than your money. There is a voucher for free membership in the current edition of woman magazine if you need one ( i think the mirror ones were only valid this week but might be wrong).

There will be a shop where you can buy or order SW recipe books, magazines (recommend you get this and you will get it cheaper as a member), hifi cereal bars and scan bran high fibre crackerbreads if you want them

In your member pack you get a book that gives you average syn values for most foods including and eating out section. You also get access to the SW members website and there are lots of tools for looking up syn values for particular brands and some restaurants, for working out syns if there are not listed online, a food diary, and loads of helpful articles inluding a lot about coping with eating out

FInally hop over to the SW section as you will find loads more support and tonnes of recipe ideas

Good luck!


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Brilliant, thanks so much! Made me feel much happier knowing what the format is :)



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Hi Ahsh,

I joined Slimming World 2 weeks before Christmas. I have done WW before and I did lose weight.

To be honest, I am finding this SW a lot easier as you don't have any points to count, just eat the free and superfree food. (it's all in the books - dead easy).

I was a bit embarrased as I am the only fella in the group, but I am there for me and nobody else.

Sometimes you just have to do what's right for you.