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Newbie who would love some support

Hi all,

My name is Lorraine and I'm starting d lipotrim diet on Tuesday. Goin 2 collect it from chemist 2moro n will start 1st thing tuesday morn. Sooooo excited, d thoughts of feeling good about myself is wats makin me excited. I hope Ur all doin well n feelin gr8. Gonna start readin Ur posts now n looking 4ward 2 following Ur success. Here's 2 a skinny 2011.

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Stay strong
Stay 100%
and you will see fantastic losses Hun

Were all here for ya xx
Good luck xx


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Sounds like you've got good attitude and that's half the battle! Week 1 is hard but push through it, it does get easier, start a diary and try to cut the carbs tomorrow in preparation, I hear its supposed to speed up your journey into ketosis. In the meantime ask away, someone somewhere on here will know the answer!

Good luck!!!



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I know I'm not Amanda :D I was showing signs of ketosis on day 2 but wasn't properly in it until about day 5. I'm planning to see this through for 12 weeks before deciding if I will continue or not - day 11 for me! 100% all the way! :eek:


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hey Lenni,,, we ar eboth the same weight..:) welcome aboard!.. why not make a diary in the diary section.. it really helps you take note of how youre feeling each day and also us nosey ones can see how youre getting on and offer support when we can!

other than that,, make some mini goals between now and your goal weight,, keep drinking the water,, remember you can drink peppermint tea and green tea and remember to pamper yourself and have lots of early nights!

good luck xx :D
Thanks guys, this site seems gr8, every1 is so positive, u won't get me off it now ha. Will definitely stock up on d tea as I don't think I'm gonna like black t n don't drink coffee. Good luck 2 u all Lookin 4ward 2 keepin intouch. ?
Hi lenni, i'm on day 2 and already starting to go into ketosis, i'm at box 3 on the colour chart..a nice pink! lol x
Everyone is different though and some people have reported taking up to a week. Hope this helps.


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Hi Lenni, it's good that you are excited and motivated to go for it! Well done! If you have any questions that you are unsure of maybe write them down so you remember to ask them all at the chemist. It does get easier if you stick it out. Keep posting for support.
Hi lenni, sorry, on the test strip container. You pharmacist will probably have you buy a box and you just pee on the strip n match it to the colour on the back of the container. It will all make sense hun!
Good luck xx
Good luck in ur journey!! everyone is different re ketosis, just keep up the water and push through the 1st week and you'll fly through! if u keep 100% u cant fail, good luck x


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Welcome Lenni
hi lenni,
goodluck to you its not easy you have to be determined to stick at this program but the plus side is the results are great and if you stick it 100% you will loose weight.


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Wooow just reading through all of the comments, you all seem to have great support for one another! (thats lovely to see!)

Good Luck in your first week!
I'm new too but with another diet! (Lighter Life)
I'm sure we'll be going through simular steps!

People have advised me to keep busy, have a good soak in the bath, early nights and a mood board with clothes you want to buy when you've reached your target weight!!
Just little things to keep you on track! ;)

Good Luck x
Hi Lenni,

how did your first day go?
Hey Lenni, this is my 2nd day so we're kinda in the same boat, i think the best thing we've both done is to join this website...it's amazing

keep strong and positive
good luck :) hope you got on ok today
Hi guys, well major set back b4 I even started, vomiting bug. Ragin, got it on Monday, not 2 bad though so said I'll get fully better n start Wednesday instead n 4 some stupid reason it's back again a million times worse that's y I'm up so late. I'm so peed, don't think I could start in this state. Thanks 4 d messages :(


addicted to minimins!!
hey hun..your health comes first so just take your tim getting better and recovering from this and then when you feel 100 percent give lt a go. No point trying to start it if your ill...feel better soon :) x

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