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Lennie's LT diary

Well I guess I should start my diary. 2day is day 7. So here's a brief outline of my week so far. Start of week I was actually surprised as 2 how easy I was findin d diet. Tuesday I spent d day freezin. No matter wat I did I could not get d heat in2 me. Wednesday Thursday n Friday wr fine. Friday nite was a bit tricky as I made pizza n chicken goujens 4 d family n it all looked sooo good. Plus there was yummy chocolate floatin around, really wanted some but there was no way I would hav tried some. Saturday I was starving, this was day 6 so I thought at this stage that would hav passed plus d coldness was back. But it's not a problem. So 2day is day 7 n I woke up with a bit of a headache n a rotten taste in my mouth, hopin it's ketosis, although I'm not sure exactly wat happens in ketosis, does it kill d hunger pains altogether???

Last nite I was in my sisters wit d family 4 dinner n drinks, brother in law is a gr8 cook n did a fab dinner, I did find it hard n wanted 2 sit wit them wen it was served up (but not eat) but they kicked me out, baby needed his bottle anyway. But if I got tru last nite I'll last tru anythin.

D good news is I've been 100% all week n I really think as long as im on lt I will b 100%. Im at home wit my 2 children, son is nearly 1 n daughter is 5 n in school so between them n housework n Lookin 4 a new job I'm keepin pretty busy. Really stressed out over some personal stuff at d mo n I actually think this is helping my diet as my mind is on so many things.

Wen cookin dinners n makin lunches wat I find helps is really inhaling d smell of d food, it completely satisfies my want.

So that's me so far, I'm just bit freaked that d start of d week was a breeze n now d hunger is kickin in but I'm determined 2 battle tru. WI is 2moro so pls god I've done well.

Thanks 4 readin n if any1 could fill me in on exactly wat ketosis will do 4 me hungerwise I'd really appreciate it.

Lennie ;)
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Never Ever Give Up!
After taking ages to read your diary due to all the abbreviations (sorry but it's impossible to read) I can inform you that you should be in ketosis due to the fact that you have a bad taste in your mouth. The hunger should get less but I'm in my fourth week and I'm still hungry at times. Keep it up :)


Fighting for My Health
Hi Lenni :) Well done on your first week 100%. Should get a nice reward on the scales tomorrow! Let us know how you get on :) xx
Thanks Jayne. I'll let u no, was excited but now I'm nervous :(

Sorry Mir didn't realize it was gonna b difficult 2 read, just a few d's in there 4 the and n's for and. Bad breath went after few hours, hope it still means I'm in ketosis.


Fighting for My Health
You will still be in ketosis if you're 100%. Impossible not to be really ;) xx
Well day 7 has been tough. I just wanna eat. N 2 make it worse I weigh myself on d wii fit, u do a daily body test n it weighs u n 2day it said I put on weight, freaked. Totm is gone as of yesterday n I've been 110% everyday agghhhh. Hopefully 2moro I'll b back motivated n not wanting 2 eat again. Feelin bit shitty :(


Love God; Love People
Hi Lenni, ignore what your Wii fit is saying and stick with the diet 100%; you'll be sooo very glad u did! You can do it; come on!
Thanks trimlee ur a great motivator ;)

Well woke up 2day in bits wit constipation, in a really bad way n so disappointed as it's weigh day. Went 2 d chemist n b4 she weighed me she said it will definately effect my weigh in. So was freaked over that, got on d scales anyway n I've lost 10lbs. Sooooo happy. Can't believe it. It really motivates u. Not gonna weigh myself on d wii fit anymore. O n I've been drinkin 4 ltrs of water a day she said 3 is d max I should b drinkin. Got lots of bits off her 4 d toilet department. ;)


Fighting for My Health
Yay! 10lb is fantastic :D Well done!
Weigh in's before weigh in day can be very strange! All this past week I stayed the same and yesterday I'd actually gained half a lb, but this morning (official weigh in), I'd lost 2lb :) Sometimes during the week I lose about 6lb, and then on weigh in day I only lose 2 or 3. You just gotta take anything in the week with a pinch of salt :) Official weigh in day is all that counts! ;)

Keep going :)

Lenni 10lbs is brilliant! Bet your over the moon! I've got my first weigh in tomorrow and I'm really excited - hope I do as well as you did!

Tc X
Thanks guys. 2day was good, obviously d WI helped. I got 2 sacked of the chicken soup n had 1 2day wen the family where havin dinner. Ragin I didn't get more cause it's yummy. Really tasty. N it was so nice 2 get something warm in2 me, feelin so cold lately.

Tried on a jacket 2day that has been very snug on me n it already fits better so I'm chuffed. ;)
Another good day, wats doin it 4 me is smelling d food, it's totally killin my want 4 it. Up so late 2nite, had a lot 2 do n I'm shattered so off 2 bed I go. Finding it so hard 2 get up in d mornings this week, wonder if it's 2 do wit d diet.

O n on fibre clear n senekot every nite now so hopefully that will help.

Nite all ;)
Y am I so hungry. It's gettin annoying now. I could have 4 days of no hunger n then 2 days of starving. Also felt a bit bloated 2day which I thought was strange. Not a gr8 start 2 d weekend as I'm sure it's gonna b difficult. Sorry 4 d rant :(


Love God; Love People
Hi Lenni, how do you think that jacket will fit in 3 days time? Just a weekend away, hmm....
Well I Had a super tired super cranky day 2day ha. Felt really cranky but fel asleep on couch at bout 9:30 so I reckon I was just knackered. Bit worried though, due 2 me fallin asleep on couch so early I only had 2 shakes, hope this does not hav a bad effect. Need to snap out of this mood 2moro if I'm Still in it. WI on Monday n really hopin 2 loose 4lbs, that b a stone off n a gr8 boost.

Happy weekend all,
Lennie X


Love God; Love People
Push through the weekend Lenni; next weigh in's just round the corner!
After my weakness this morning I'm grand. Think it's cause I missed a shake, won't b doin that again. Starving at d mo so havin a shake. Feelin good 2day, n I'm startin 2 notice d weight off my face. N I dont no if ant1 else is d same but my skin is in such good condition. Even my dad said last nite wen he saw me that I was glowing ha, bless him. Gonna try n start doin sum work outs next week.

My lil girl is 5 n she loves swimming but I never bring her cause of my weight so once I'm happy with myself it's d 1st thing I'm doin n I'm so excited bout it.

Hey Lenni

Im the same about swimming - cant wait to feel confident enough get in a pool with my kids.

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