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Step2 810kcal Newbie

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by grace2156, 15 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. grace2156

    grace2156 Member

    So, last night I met with my Cambridge consultant and my journey begins tomorrow. I am 12 stone and have 3 stone to loose...feeling nervous, excited and completely terrified!!!!!!!!!
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  3. leehal

    leehal Well-Known Member

    Good luck, it can be tough but the results should be enough to keep you going. Oh, and the people on here!
  4. wantto be slim

    wantto be slim Well-Known Member

    Good luck on your journey.x
  5. lauraskye

    lauraskye Well-Known Member

    Good luck I'm on step 2 and going for first weigh in today you will be fine
  6. Jc74

    Jc74 Active Member

    Hi everyone, I've just started step 2, day one today. Can I join this thread?
  7. lauraskye

    lauraskye Well-Known Member

    I lost 15lbs first week weigh in on step 2
  8. grace2156

    grace2156 Member

    Thank you! 15LB is amazing!!!
  9. grace2156

    grace2156 Member

    How is everyone getting on today??? i am drinking alot of water - trying to hold out for my lunchtime soup for as long as possible
  10. grace2156

    grace2156 Member

    Hey Jc74 - how are you doing??
  11. Jc74

    Jc74 Active Member

    Hi everyone, i was doing well earlier as I was busy but now I've sat down its a bit tougher lol still it will only be for a few days and I just need to think about fitting into a bikini :rolleyes: How about you? How are you finding the taste of the products?
  12. JoshP

    JoshP Member

    I'm 7 days in. A bit sick of the taste of the banana shakes to be honest (definitely got too many of those), but other than that fine! It fascinates me how I can "eat" 3 shakes a day and not be starving! I only eat my meal around 8pm at night when I'm back from work, works well because I look forward to it in the day. Currently sat here on a Sunday night about to cook up some chicken and salad and my flatmate has just ordered a pizza. Taking strength from that though!
  13. grace2156

    grace2156 Member

    Hey JoshP - I got a mixture of everything to see what I don't like - I love the chocolate milkshake and the apple and cinnamon porridge - I didn't like the vegetable soup so much but the chicken and mushroom was really nice. I like my soups nice and hot so I find that I still have to put the soup in the microwave to get it extra hot :). I felt exactly the same yesterday - everyone had a big roast dinner. I had my chicken and salad and felt really chuffed with myself!

    My first weigh in is on Thursday - im really hoping that I will have lost something! anything!

    Jc74 - I feel exactly the same about the bikini - I am booking a holiday at the end of the week and am hoping that I will look like a different person compared to my holiday last year!

    Im on day 4 now and have had 500ml of water - haven't had my shake yet because im not hungry????????
  14. JoshP

    JoshP Member

    Hope you're weigh in goes well! I had mine last night, 8lbs in the first week! Not too shabby. You should definitely shift some weight in the first week - be it water weight or otherwise!

    Agree with you on the chocolate milkshake. Strawberry is good also! Haven't tried the porridge - just been on shakes, apart from yesterday I tried the spicy soup. Which surprised me, it was actually really good! I added a bit of extra hot chilli powder just to mask any potential powdery taste that I'd been warned of but it was all good!

    I would make sure you have your shake, even if you're not hungry. There's nutrients and vitamins etc in there that you'll need. I found it difficult timing things with being out over the weekend - I usually try and leave 4 hours between each product/meal, but even when I don't, I don't really get hungry.
  15. grace2156

    grace2156 Member

    That's brilliant! what is your goal? I want to loose 3 stone, I have a target of August...but also have a smaller target in april to see how much I can loose by then.

    The porridge is really nice - the original is not so nice but im just having the apple and cinnamon one for lunch and its really good - even everyone in my office is commenting on the smell! Im also a bit worried that I am being a bit over generous with my protein...do you think that this will really effect my loss? I have now purchased some scales!

    how are you getting on today??
  16. Jc74

    Jc74 Active Member

    Hi everyone, so day three over with and struggled to eat 3 products and evening meal so something is working right :) 8 lbs in the first week Joshp, you must have been delighted!! I'd be happy with half of that.
    I also really like the chilli soup - I don't have a sweet tooth so find some of the shakes a bit much all at once. I do love the cappuccino one with hot water though, my cdc also said you can mix packets (dry) so half choc half fruits of the forest is supposed to be like Black Forest gateaux so I may experiment when I start getting bored. I'd say the only thing I'm really missing is toast, love the smell lol
    how are you guys tonight?
  17. grace2156

    grace2156 Member

    morning everyone! JC74 I am defiantly going to try and be more adventurous! I also read online about putting the chocolate shake mix in the microwave and making a 'cake'??!?!?!

    today I think (hope) I am in ketosis - funny metal taste in my mouth????
  18. JoshP

    JoshP Member

    I read a tip somewhere on the internet and tried it yesterday and it's fantastic! Basically, make up a vanilla shake with warm water (slightly over the 227ml line), and add a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee... My goodness, tastes like a superb cappuccino/latte! Be careful shaking it up (it'll try and squeeze out of any gap left in the lid), but it was really good! Bought new life into my shakes, particularly the one I have at around 4/5pm when I'm still working... Thought I'd share.
  19. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Well-Known Member

    Good luck, it honestly does get easier after day 3/4.x
  20. 03holsx

    03holsx Well-Known Member

    Hiya....im starting tomorrow
    1 . I am 12.3 and looking to loose arounf 3 n half stone tooo
  21. Jc74

    Jc74 Active Member

    Hiya, good luck. Once you get first few days over its much easier. I ve got my first weigh in tomorrow and excited to see if done ok, looking for 7lbs. Tips below are amazing help too. X Jules

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