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  1. size12iwish

    size12iwish New Member

    Morning all, I'm new here, I have tried everything, slim fast, slimming world, weight watchers, but nothing, I get to half a stone off then seem to fall off the wagon and can't get any further. At the moment I can't decide what to try next, I need to lose weight, joints hurt, can't see my feet for the belly lol. I am fed up of not being able to buy nice clothes that don't make me look like a sack of potatoes.

    Every time I join a slimming group it always seems to be slimming world and I get to a point and don't stay to class then give up. When I join hubby says 'don't know why you won't do it this time', I don't get the support at home so perhaps that why I give up.

    Rant over.
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  3. *fraufrau*

    *fraufrau* Full Member

    Hello there!
    I know just how you feel! I was doing ok on SW- had two weeks of eating what I liked at Christmas and put on 10lb. :( have got 6.5 off but still struggling with the rest and getting demotivated when people who joined the group after me have now list way more!! Xx
  4. DaisyDixon

    DaisyDixon Full Member

    Yes it is demoralising, it makes you wonder if the weight-loss companies really want people to be successful. If they were there would be no market!
  5. Vavaness

    Vavaness Gold Member

    Hiya! Welcome aboard! Just saying Hello and wishing you good luck. I've highlighted a bit in your post and I believe (for me anyway) it's a big key to sticking to it - the support, fun, tips and advice you get when you stay to class is second to none. I've been in WW before and Unislim and I never used stay for the class: I'd be out the door like a bullet! :eek:

    Joined SW in early January and I'm finding it brilliant! I'm never hungry like before and you can eat so much on it and I always stay for class... Hope you'll give it another go, whichever Slimming Club you opt for. Also, there's a lot of support here on Minimins, I've found them to be a very friendly and encouraging bunch!

    Anyway, best of Luck again! x

  6. bubbles2014

    bubbles2014 Member

    Hello and welcome - I have been trying to diet for some time and can relate to your dilemma. I started this week and for some reason feel this is the time for it to work. I look forward to your posts - I am happy to buddy up with you if you want that. Good luck x
  7. Princess_Ruthy

    Princess_Ruthy Silver Member

    Hello and welcome to Minimins! Good luck x

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