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Newbie! :)

Having been on CD for nearly 3 months and lost almost 2 stone, I seem to have hit a plateau, and I'm getting fed up of not being allowed chocolate! :p

So I'm joining WW :)

Trying to decide between Core and Points, any advice?

Thanks x

P.S. Oh, and, does anyone know how many points there are in a pot noodle? :p
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good luck with WW. ive just started C.D x
The chicken and mushroom one is what I normally have.
7ish sounds about right :)

I'll be joining a class. I think I'll do Points because I wouldn't want to be thinking when I'm out, 'is it or isn't it on Core?'.
I worked out I'll get about 19 points per day, since most main meals seem to be about 6 I don't know how I'll eat them all :eek:
Yeah, it said 19 points (and it'll be 18 once I've lost a few lbs.)

We already have the WW scales! (Body fat ones.)
Though I think we got them on the cheap anyway :p

How much are the calculators? Would be quite useful.
Has anyone tried the 'Wendie' plan?
Basically, alternating between eating more than your points, then less, etc.

Would be interesting to know if it works, I'll try it if I don't lose much.
Hi there. Id definitely recommend points, I love the points plan.

The points calculator is absolutely essential lol I wouldnt be without it, so much so I have 2! :rotflmao:

I wouldnt even consider the Wendie Plan just now, its only meant for if you hit a plateau and even then personally I wouldnt do it.

Oh and youll get through those 19 points NO PROBLEM ;)
I've decided on the points plan, hehe :)

Anyone have any tips for cooking for 2 different points values?
My sister's joining WW with me and she'll be on 24 points, and I don't want her snacking on rubbish! :p

Thing is with the Wendie Plan, I KNOW it works because when I had a day or 2 of overindulgence I lost more!
And I've plateaued on CD for a month now.

I'm just hoping WW will give my metabolism a kick up the bum :p

Hehe, yeah, it's not a long term thing!
I'd only use it if I was desperate :)

Oh, and, where can I get these RC choc mousses from?
They sound gorgeous! :p


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