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newly diagnosed and Starting south beach diet!

Right is anyone else doing or starting the Sb diet like me??? i'm starting monday it sounds tough but right for me as i carry my weight around my middle, i have tried all the other diets in my past, weight watchers , slimming world, ect. I did best on slimming world i lost 4.5 stone and got pregnant with my daughter but now she is 1 i have put 3.5 of it back on. Just been diagnosed with pcos last week but i have suspected it for a long time say 10 years, with my daughter we ttc for 3 years and it only happened when i lost the weight so i know what i have to do, just need to lose it and keep it off!! looooool Going on holiday next may so thats my goal. then when we come back want to start ttc no2 ! Any tips or recipes welcome!! or any general pcos advise is most welcome as i'm new to it all! i suffer with the usual weight, hairiness, irratic periods etc xxx
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Hi ive also got PCOS and was also told I was insulin resistant. I was advised by my doctor to really limit my carb intake. I tried weight watchers and slimming world but they never worked and I now know thats because they are low fat, high carb diets. Ive lost 2 stone in 2 1/2 months from exercising more and limiting my carb intake (have stopped eating bread, pasta and rice completely) if I do need to have bread i make sure its wholegrain. my belly was quite big until the point people thought i was pregnant :( after a few weeks of restricting carbs my belly shrunk dramatically. although i didnt have acne I would have been quite spotty all the time and my skin has cleared up and looks fabulous. i think if you have pcos a low carb diet is defo the way forward!! :)
yeah you sound similar to me, i looks as if i'm still pregnant!!!

Just think its going to be hard to stick to i love my carbs but nothing worth doing is ever easy and i cant carry on the way i am!

do you have any hints of tips that have made things easier for you?? or is it just hard work and determination xxx


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I've found that I can still lose weight on slimming world with having predominantly green days but hmmm maybe a low carb diet is a good idea. My problem is that I get really bored of constantly eating protein :(


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myfitnesspal.com will help you to keep track precisely of your intake relative to your goals for the day if you have the time to keep up with it. It'll also give you the shock of your life when you realise how many things you thought were good for you/your diet really aren't ;)

Personally I'm on the insulin resistance diet which basically limits carbs to no more than 30g per meal and whatever you eat in carbs has to be offset by at least half that in protein (so 15g protein to a 30g carb meal for example). It can lead to some strange snack combinations but it's a relatively easy plan to follow which is what sold it to me. Fruits/veggies aren't monitored as such once you're sticking to those rules, though myfitnesspal helps me stay on top of my calories/sugars etc. overall. I do miss my carbs but not enough to want to stay this size forever. Do keep us posted on your progress won't you?
well day three and i could resist the scales!! 3lb off!!! woo hooo that spurs me on !! and i think my belly has deflated a little!!! my 1 year old keep trying to shove raisins and bits of toast in my mouth, but i have stayed strong!! greek salad for lunch!!yum yum
Just though i would keep you all updated!!! since starting the South beach diet 2.5 weeks ago i have lost 10lb so thats 16 altogether since the beginging of september. The first few days were hard but after that it has become alot easier and i dont crave all the junk like i used to and i feel full after eating and dont have mad hunger pangs. The best thing i can say for this diet its that it does what it says the ten pound has gone off my big fat belly!!! And people are noticing the difference. Also my spotty skin has improved not gone but improved! my aim now is to get at least another stone off by Christmas! fingers crossed

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