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No fruit - does SW still work


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I have for years experienced bad skin reactions to sugary foods.
And it would seem lately they have flaired up again and the only thing i can put it down to is the natural sugar i am eating in fruit.

So i am planning a week on sw with no fruit.

I am just wondering if anyone else does sw without eating fruit and if it works?
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I've got a housemate steadily losing on SW, and she really dislikes fruit. As the previous post said, veggies are still superfree, so make sure you're loading up on those (carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks etc as snacks as well as stuff in meals) it should be fine :)


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I can't believe fruit causes spots though. How long have you been on SW for? It could be one of those 'detox crises', where as the body gets healthier it starts purging itself of toxins. This usually happens as fat cells break down, releasing the toxins they contain. This often manifests in spots or other lovely ;-) side effects. I had spots a few weeks into SW. They've cleared up now
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I like fruit but I don't eat it because I'm very sensitive to the fruit sugars and it makes me hungrier. Others on here feel the same. I lost 7 stone without eating fruit.
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I can't believe fruit causes spots though. How long have you been on SW for?
A "bad skin reaction" doesnt have to mean spots. Any intolerance to certain kinds of food (or any other thing) can result in adverse skin reactions (inflammation, peeling, cracking, dry skin, soreness, swelling, weeping - could be anything).

Anyway, you should be fine without fruit. Are you OK with veggies?
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I don't eat fruit & I have lost 4 stone 10lbs in just 20 weeks.
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mrsthunderbolt said:
I don't eat fruit & I have lost 4 stone 10lbs in just 20 weeks.
I only eat fruit occasionally so you should be fine!


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I never thought i liked fruit - I was a good 15months into my journey (December will be 36months) before I really tried eating fruit properly. By that 15months - I'd probably had already lost about 12st. So, whilst superfree foods are important - they don't necessarily have to be on fruit :)
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My C always advises against eating too much fruit, her mantra being 'eat food not fruit'. So definitely x

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