Selkie wants to drop some blubber


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I've no clue if this forum is all that busy so my online diary might be short-lived.

I find I tend to get on better with "dieting" if I'm recording my food, however at the same time I seem to tread a thin line between recording and being obsessive so I'm aiming for an in-between approach this time.

Things I want to avoid at the moment:
  • Calorie counting
  • Committing to an exercise regime
  • Strict diet
  • Regular weigh-ins

Things I am planning to do at the moment:
  • Try to have vegetable-based meals for lunch
  • Ensure I get my 5 or more portions of fruit and veg a day
  • Build up my fitness through regular exercise
  • Limit junk food and take away meals
  • Exercise more control over portion sizes
  • Drink more water or herbal tea instead of fizzy juice
My issues is that I have a fondness for junk food and take away, I know I'll fail if I try to cut these things out initially. I also struggle with portion sizes so will be making more effort to consume the recommended amount rather than trying to eyeball portions of rice/pasta etc. I've been keeping a spreadsheet of meals so here I am for the first week.


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Hi Selkie , Welcome!
Looks good so far!
I also love junk food!
The aim is to have it in moderation, a little so you don't feel deprived, if you can do that you should be ok :)
Wow your spreadsheet looks very organized. It can be quiet enough at times here but it's up to us to keep it moving

If you are concentrating on plant based foods please join us in the Eat 20 (30) Plant foods weekly challenge, find it here