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no patience 2 wait a week 4 the weigh in!!

hey is any1 avin the same problem as me? i literally cannot wait 7 days to see my weigh in, ive been goin the chemist after the 3rd or 4th day gettin weighd!!! im so paranoid ive lost nothin n i think there gunna start gettin peed off wiv me at chemist lol x
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Totally there with you :wave_cry:

Don't go to the chemist but i'm on and off the scales at home like nobody's business!!

Know I shouldn't but i'd go crazy if I left it a whole week between WI's!!
Do you have some scales at home? I know sneaky peeks are frowned upon but I find that they keep me going and motivated through the week :eek:

i do have scales but. ther diffrent to the chemists! so its really annoyin x x
It's very tempting I know, to keep weighing yourself, but you really shouldn't.

Your weight is going to fluctuate all the time. I mean you're drinking lots of water, right? 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilo = 2.2 lbs.

If you start fretting and freaking every time the weight loss slows down, or goes back up, if you're sweating and living and dying over every single pound, I can tell you now that you will NOT succeed on this program. You will quit before the end.

The fact is, that on average, a man will lose 21lbs a month on Lipotrim. A woman will lose (on average) 14 lbs a month. That doesn't mean that you'll lose 3.2lbs a week like clockwork. Some weeks will be better than others, and it won't necessarily have anything to do with cheating. It's just biology.

But ON AVERAGE, you'll lose 14lbs a month.

Constantly weighing yourself is not going to change that. And obsessing over the scales is only going to harm your chances of success.
i know ur very right john. im a very inpatient person its a big problem of mine lol ill try keep away!! x


Getting thinner everyday!
I was like that the first two weeks. This week I'm not so bothered..partly because my scales are so tempramental I can't put any trust in them and also because I've reached the conclusion that jumping on the scales every morning makes no difference to my loss.

Alex :)


My husband = My hero
I havnt been the slightest bit bothered through the week! dont get me wrong im desperate to go the Chemist and see how well iv done, but the thought hasnt crossed my mind to weigh myself on dodgy home bought scales!!!

Try and keep busy, and remeber IT IS WORKING have a bit of faith! and leave the big surprises each week to your pharmacy visits!! xxx


My husband = My hero
John u are the resident fountain of sll knowledge!! what would we do without u!!
hey my scales aint dodgy they cost me 25 quid lol.
neither are mine, they cost me nearly £50.00 and are more accurate that the ones at the chemist so i wouldnt say mine are dodgey either!!! lol

h xx
haha yea mine wher 25 on sale half price. do u always chek on urs? mine r accurate as in always give the same reading but are abit out from the chemists but i think all scales are like that. not alot diff tho, less than a pound x


My husband = My hero
my old scales weighed me in at 4st haha so now i just dont trust home scales, i suppose these were probably about 15 years old my mums! but i stil hate bathroom scales!!

I am scales obsessed and I obsess over every single pound I lose. I jump on the scales at least 4 times a day :eek:

I saw some really good scales somewhere recently that you can plug in via usb to your computer and track your weight! How cool!
stay a way from the scales this will soon pass otherwise time will drag whilst your on your LT journey look at it this way just getting weighed once a week at the chemist means you have something to look forward to

all the best

xx sharron


I will be skinny again!!!
thankfully i dont have any scales at home... I did it once at my boyfriends and my weight had gone up, so i wasnt impressed and decided not to do it again!! lol
My scales are dodgy (cheap and nasty - and scary before LT!!!!) but I do use them occasionally just so I know what I weigh on them so that I can hopefully maintain my losses when I don't have a WI. The wii fit also weighs me differently but as long as it tells me I'm losing I don't mind!!!!


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