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Non-scale reason for doing this!!


Laugh in the face of food
These pics are my new motivation for getting back into ketosis and staying put there for a good while!

I've got a condition called Cholinergic Urticaria so I get hives when my body temp is raised or my skin gets too hot. Its an allergic reaction but i cant take any antihistimines because I'm allergic to them :( (only i could be allergic to the very thing that sorts allergies lol).

I've been fine for a couple of years, but I've had a flare up this last week or so. Very itchy and annoying. Mostly on my hands and feet but sometimes I get it on my legs too. Ketosis keeps my hands and feet nice and cold :)

The first pic is my left knee and the second is the side of my right leg from where I'd been sitting with my legs crossed :eek: it's so itchy, a deep itch that I can't scratch because it makes it worse! It'll go away on it's own again at some point, but for now I'm stuck with it, so getting back into ketosis and not having any more little extras creep in here and there will help lots!!
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Laugh in the face of food
Might help if I actually attach the pics lol. Here they are!



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Ouch. That looks sore.

Is it just heat - or do you think it's also stress-related in any way? The only reason I ask is that I get eczema on my hands that for a while I thought was actually connected to doing Cambridge - but now I realise isn't. It's connected to me doing Cambridge and being super-stressed at the same time!
I hope they go soon, good luck :)


Laugh in the face of food
It could be stress related too, combination of both is a very strong possibility!! Fortunately it's not CD related :) ketosis helps a lot!!

At the moment my hands are itching like crazy but that's easily solved by plunging them into cold water, not quite so easy when it's my legs :eek: cold showers are NOT fun lol.


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Eeek. My sister gets that. I recognise the strange name. The more reasons to stay on plan the better ;)


Laugh in the face of food
I'm hoping a non-weight related reason might make me more likely to stick to it! :D

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