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Norfolk Meet, 6th October 07.

Hey everyone, sorry for not getting this sorted sooner, :D:D

But how does
2.30pm at Borders coffee shop, Chapelfields shopping centre in Norwich.

Then for anyone wanting to carry on meet between
5-5.30 in Queen of the iceni pub, (weatherspoons/lloyds chain)
which is down on the riverside complex parking available down there.
2 minutes from railway station.

Theres also a nightclub down on the riverside so we could see how it goes lol.
Anyone up for a night of dancing.

Can`t wait to meet you all, very soon.
On hols next week, but I`m sure Ruthlet won`t mind taking over if people want directions cos she`s fab lol.
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Wants to be a loser!
Sounds like a plan to me - I will meet everyone at Borders as per Sarah's post.

I know Jules Rush and Domino are still coming along - anyone else??

If anyone needs directions etc just pm me.

Looking forward to seeing everyone - I am off now to try and get my flipping pictures to save on my thread so people can actually see them - photobox and I are not getting along :sigh:.
Could you please add names again and we can have a check who is still coming along.
I am travelling from Kings Lynn/Swaffham way if anyone needs transport and will be meeting in Borders from 2.30.


Where is everyone lol

Ooooo can`t wait to meet everyone !!!
Sorry cannot do now. I have to be in Corby the day before for all day meeting and thats a 6 hour round trip driving on top.

The following Monday I am having my ceiling taken down and repaired in my lounge so that weekend we will be boxing up and me megga stresssing. No lounge for a week and dust everywhere, what a nightmare.

Would definitely have come otherwise.

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Wants to be a loser!
Anymore takers?
This was the original list, where are you all.

CD Counsellor

Just want to make sure everyone knows about it, wherever you may be on your weightloss journey we would love to meet you.
Whether you are near to goal or taking the sceinc route come along for a catch up !!!!!!
Thats a shame, maybe when theres a Dublin meet, we can all come to you lol
Never been there, but would love too.
Looks like it'll just be the 5 of us then ~ nice and cozy. If that's the case do we still want to do the meet in Starbuck's for a coffee then onto Riverside. Or shall we just hook up in Riverside and stay there?

I'm up for it whatever peeps want :party0011:

I am still a "maybe" as I am at the same meeting with Linda on the Friday and I have to get my new boat surveyed that weekend so maybe too busy BUT if I can I promise I will run over to say hello!

Aye aye Capn (if you hadn't guessed that'll be a reference to the boat you mention) ~ would be nice to see the 'infamous' IceMoose in the flesh, so to speak ~ but if you don't make it, well hopefully we can arrange another meet before Xmas. See me, I'm always up for a social event :D
I don`t mind either way, I`m hoping to do a spot of retail therapy beforehand anyway lol
Meeting in Borders, chapelfields at 2.30pm sat.

Ps I now have short brown/red hair, nothing like my piccie lol. looking forward to meeting you !!!!
Hey everyone, just wanted to say, Two more sleeps till our meet on Saturday.
I`m really looking forward to meeting everyone ( Does starbucks sell water) Don`t drink coffee ??????? lol

My hair is short now and red/brown just to add confusion.......
They sell tea, various flavours ~ but if you don't like tea I'd hope they'll have some water ~ me I always stick to my fav which is skinny latte.

Not sure how many of us will be there now ~ but whoever is coming I look forward to meeting you. How we will recognise each other ~ should be a giggle. I've not got a head shot to post a pick though Jules knows me, if she can make it.


Wants to be a loser!
I am really looking forward to saturday too!

As for the recognising one another I was going to wear my red monkey t-shirt that I am wearing in my avatar so hopefully I will be easily spottable lol :p.

So see everyone at 2.30 in starbucks/borders.

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