not losing weight week 2/3

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  1. spongebob

    spongebob Member

    Hi Guys,

    I need advice, I am on week 3 of lipotrim and havenot lost a single lb since my last weight in (6 days ago). On my 2nd week I only manage to lose 1lb as well. Week one was good. I have not cheated, just been drinking shakes and 2l of water (nt including teas and shakes itself). I also have fibreclear every morning and once a week have senadok tablets. I did the ketone test yesterday and it says I am on ketone so don't know where I have gone wrong :(. It's really disheartening when you stick to it 100% and not lose a single pound (I know i should cus i am still 25kg overweight). I also walk to and from work.

    Any advice!!! I drink my shakes one at 9am, 2nd at 12pm and 3rd at 8/9pm, not sure if that makes any difference. And drink water through out the day.
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  3. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Hi ya,

    I would recommend upping your fluid consumption. I know they say 2 liters but i find i'm necking water constantly throughout the day, probably in the region of around 4 liters. Maybe try having the 3rd shake a little earlier if possible so that you are not leaving so long between number 2 & 3.

    I would stick with it as its a numbers game really. 500 Calories vs what you used to eat has GOT to make you lose weight, maybe its just your body retaining fluid at the moment and hanging on to whatever it can. Trust me, if you stick to it 100% the weight will have to start dropping soon and when it does i bet it'll drop like a stone.
  4. spongebob

    spongebob Member

    Thank you Steve, I increased my water intake to 4l for last 3 days and I can see the difference in my weight already, no bloated stomach as well. :)
  5. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Brilliant news - Can't wait to see the next weigh in results :)

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