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Not sure if SW can fire members but think I could be nominated after this weekend !!


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I went on a Stag weekend this weekend and had promised myself just to enjoy the weekend and forget about SW until today. But I just couldn't resist having a look at how many points I had ( the ones I can remember anyway) Well I'm absolutely shocked and stunned at the Grand total of 238 Syns and that was just Friday I'm to scared to add up Saturdays now

6 x Crabbies ginger beer 13 points a bottle = 78
1 x Big Mac = 24 1/2
1 x french fries = 12
5 x ruddles beer 13 points each = 65
1 x chicken Tikka balti = 25 1/2
1 x Pilau rice = 3
5 x vodka and coke = 20 + 10 as Think some where doubles = 30

max 15 syns per day x 7 = 105 so I had about 2 1/2 weeks worth of syns in ONE DAY, Then add about the same for Saturday and I had over a months worth of syns in 2 days

Is that a record ??

Hangs head in shame and leaves quietly
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It was the end of my exams this week and I had a similar style blow out. Do you know what? You only live once, I enjoyed it so I'm not guilty. Dieting is important but we can't be sitting in twiddling our thumbs as major social events like stag weekends/end of exams pass us by. Yeah it might make us that smidgen of a little bit slimmer not to go, but whats the point of getting skinny, then emerging to find you've got no friends left because you made yourself a social recluse in the process of getting there? Dieting IS important, but It can't rule our lives 24/7. This is the motto I've had and I've lost 60lb in 5 months, still got all my friends and still have a bloody good time when party time calls - so there must be an element of truth in it :D

But beware, if you step on the scales you'll see a big water gain - just drink plenty of water for the next few days, go easy and you will come back down to normal. :)


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bet you wish you didn't add up the syns now lol, you just gotta move on, you had a good weekend, its not as if you do it all the time ;)

Lisa x


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I actually think your booze intake was fairly restrained for a stag do! Okay, food probably not the best, but you don't do it every weekend do you!?
I once went to class and moaned about gaining weight after only having 1 night out...then we added up the syns from one night out and I nearly fainted....if you really wanna see the syns add up in drink then go on the cocktails it's beyond shocking.


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Ive had the same this weekend, I dont dare count up my syns tho!! 2 big fry ups, 2 meals out, ice cream, pop corn, chocolate the list goes on!

But im not going to dwel on it as im back on plan today asda is coming with all my new herbs, fresh fruit and veg and I have a new blender to try some new recipes out!

As happyhealthy said, just cos your loosing weight, doesnt mean you have to not go out :)

Plan for the day - drink looooads of water!!
I'm the same, I had a weekend off, it was my daughters Christening yesterday and I said I wasn't going to count syns at all that I was going to enjoy myself and I did! I'm back on track today for weigh in tomorrow morning and if i've gained then so be it i'm not gonna get bogged down by it!! I ate Easter eggs, cheesecake, lemon meringue, coleslaw, potato salad, FULL FAT MAYO :eek: lasagne, homemade bbq sauce....the list goes on but by Jesus did I enjoy it!! ;)

If you enjoyed your stag weekend then thats brilliant, put it behind you and start afresh, we can't undo it so no point dwelling on it you'll end up eating crap today if you feel so miserable about it all

I had banan & toast for breakfast this morning, gonna make sweet potato & carrot soup for lunch and have chicken & veg stir-fry for dinner, fingers crossed that'll help me a wee bit for the scales tomorrow! :)
Best thing you can do is accept it and move on, starting afresh from today. Yes, it was a syn-tastic weekend, but you still have to lead a normal life and few people are going to go on a stag weekend and worry about syn values and free foods! Accept it as a weekend of indulgence and move on, if you get back to plan the damage will be minimal :)


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Oh my God I am just the same...
I am currently helping my boyfriend to move in with me, which means we are re-organizing my whole apartment... EVERYTHING! even the shampoos... and of course closets. I didn't have any time or space to cook and we ate out with friends, for 3 days so I just wasn't on plan.... Anyway, it's not over.... Tomorrow is my WI ,
AND we are flying to Paris for a week.... Oh my God....
I will try to be careful, but I don't know if I will be able to do good there. And please note that I am just on my first mont on SW.
I hope I am not ruining my entire Weigh loss.
I know the best thing is to get back on track immediately, and I wouldn't be so concerned if I didn't have the vacation from tomorrow... Please, any advise would be so welcome...
As far as everyone else goes, I think that 1 or 2 days being off the wagon isn't such a disaster, it will happen in our lives, as long as you get back on it as soon as possible and keep going!
Don't give up!!!!
Let's cheer up and keep going then! It's a war, not just a battle!!
LOL! I think quite a few of us haven't exactly been angels this week ;) onwards and upwards! :D

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