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HELLLLLPPP!!!! all you can eat syns!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by brelly, 27 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. brelly

    brelly Member

    hello slimming people!!!
    really need a bit of advice with syns - do I have to have full 15 each day or can I save them all up for meal out at the weekend?? for the first month or so of slimming world diet i thought I was an angel having absolutely no syns <--- did not benefit in the slightest!! then found that I couldn't stick to it any longer and had all of my 4weeks worth of syns in one night (pretty much not exaggerating either!!) ive managed to add them to diet losing 1-2lb per week having about 6-10syns each day, but I have a friends engagements/birthday meals out planned for then next 7 consecutive weeks and apart from 2 the rest are all u can eat buffets.....is it possible to have all of my weeks syns in one go?? or doesn't it quite work like that?!?!?!
    thanks in advance, and apologies if this is a really stupid question!!!
    Kayleigh xx:confused:
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  3. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    It's not a stupid question, I asked it on my first week! :p I was told not to save them up and eat them every day. If you want to have a night out, plan it, stick to it all day then use flexi syns for your evening out then get straight back on the plan the next day... but, I lost weight last time saving most of my syns and using them at the weekend and lost around 6st.

    It looks like you've been doing great so far, so you could see what works for you, SW can only advise you on what to do, they can't tell you what to do :) maybe try it one week and see if you stall or gain, then try using the flexi syn approach and see if that works for you. Or maybe do a bit of both, have 5syns per day and save 70 for the night out? x
  4. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Silver Member

    There are a lot who use the 105 syns per week principle and eat less in the week to save some for the weekend. However, I am not sure having no syns at all and using them all in one day is going to work, especially over several weeks. You would be better off having 5 a day and you would still have 75 for a night out. There is no guarantee this will work and you would have to be extra vigilant about the 75 when you are out. You could do with planning in advance what to have, inclusive of drinks, to try and help and sticking to it when you're out. Good luck and have a great time :D
  5. brelly

    brelly Member

    ok guys that's great thanks :) is the flexi syns where you have 5 per day then 70 at the weekend?? I don't go to slimming world meetings so not upto date on the lingo lol!!! xx
  6. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    This is a good explanation of Flexi Syns- https://www.*************/notes/sli...pport/flexible-syns-explained/197884596916695

    But essentially, Flexi syns are when you eat your normal syns all week, 5-15 every day, and you also plan an evening, eg, party on Saturday night and know there's be drinking involved. :) You eat normally (SW style!) all day, then from the time you enter the party you can relax and enjoy your evening, maybe try not to go mad, but have a few drinks and a dessert, etc. Then get straight back to the plan when you leave and the next day, guilt free and satisfied you've enjoyed your night out.

    The other option is saving your syns, or as Jeanne says, see them as 105syns to use/dip into through the week (this is frowned upon by SW leaders and some members now though, and it's mostly 'old school' members who do it, as it used to be 'allowed'). So if you had a night out coming up, you could use a few each day, but save a bulk for the weekend so you can relax a little, but know you've stayed within the syns you're allowed. :) xxxx
  7. Hippopotamum

    Hippopotamum Silver Member

    Sorry, the link didn't work this was the page from the link;

    Many people put themselves under appalling pressure without even realising it. The scenario can vary tremendously in content but the process is the same.

    The scenario is all too familiar and goes something like this: There we are, bounding along, being incredibly 'good', losing weight well, when along comes temptation and we let that iron control slip - just a little. We're so disappointed that we tell ourselves we've spoiled everything, we've 'blown' it. We continue to 'blow' it [might as well, now we've ruined our perfect run] for days or even weeks. Result - significant weight gain, significant damage to our self-esteem, significant reinforcement of our belief that we're useless at this slimming game.
    At Slimming World, we have a wonderful eating plan, it's called Food Optimising. You can eat loads of food and lose weight. There's a list as long as your arm of what we call Free Food - different foods that you can eat freely to satisfy your appetite. Then we ask you to eat some more food, called Healthy Extras, to ensure a good nutritional balance. Then, on top of all that, there's what we humorously call Syns - foods often banned on diets because they're quite fattening. Between 10 and 15 Syns is about the recommended amount a day for someone who's two to three stones overweight [you can have more if you have more to lose]. This helps you lose weight at a good and sensible rate, say a couple of pounds a week.
    In other words, it's a way of eating that can be adopted quite naturally as a way to eat for life. It's a way of eating that you can feel so comfortable with that it's no hardship to adopt it for good. It's a way of eating that slim people do as a matter of course and they've never even tried Food Optimising!
    Flexible friends
    The point I'm making is that it's a super way of losing weight and keeping it off. However, there are times when those usual Syns just aren't enough. Certainly, you could eat out or go to a party and stick rigidly to your Syns, but you may find yourself feeling just a touch deprived, like a martyr. And that's when trouble can start. So what's the alternative? Flexibility!
    Slim people overeat occasionally and don't worry about it. They carry on with their normal routine as soon as they're able. Or they adjust what they eat beforehand. Or they compensate afterwards. Slimmers can do the same - and it works.
    Most slimmers are happy with the idea of cutting down beforehand or compensating afterwards. Maybe that's because they can see the logic of it, or because they feel they must 'pay' or suffer for their pleasures. But at Slimming World we don't believe in suffering! We take flexibility much further: we believe that sometimes flexibility means doubling or even trebling your Syns for the day - without paying!
    Ask a dedicated slimmer to be really flexible - to have maybe 30 Syns for a day, without compensating before or after - and you'll often see a look of shock and disbelief.
    But trust me, the most common reason for failure I've found has been lack of flexibility. Over-rigid adherence to any slimming plan has been the ultimate cause of many a slimmer's downfall. That's when 'diet' becomes a four-letter word. That's when that weight that you swore you would never regain comes creeping back.
    Remember the scenario I described earlier? Now imagine, when you've 'blown' it, how many extra Syns (or calories) you actually ate. You probably have no idea because you stopped counting. And you stopped counting the next day, and the next... We're now talking hundreds of extra calories (or Syns) - hundreds! That's when the real weight loss damage is done, not by just allowing yourself a bit of extra leeway - say an extra 20 Syns or so - but by giving up for a week or a month or a year.

    We often see people who take the fast route, the motorway to slimming success, and end up so exhausted at the end of their journey that they relapse. Those who take the scenic route still reach their destination, maybe a little later, but they've had a much more pleasant journey and are in great spirits to continue. So, be kind to the most important person you know - you.

    Every now and then, ease the pressure on yourself. How much and how often? You decide. Try it out. Give yourself an extra allowance when you need it most, negotiate an upper limit with yourself - even if it's just a stressful day - and you'll also be giving yourself a real chance of success, for life. Just keep counting - and stick to your upper limit - you can count on it!
  8. RubyMoss

    RubyMoss Silver Member

    Thanks for posting this - I'm getting back into Slimming World and trying to stick to daily syns, as in the past I'd save my syns for the weekend and it never usually ended well on weigh-in day. Plus, this might help my husband who went over his syns by 3 or 4 yesterday and was convinced he'd blown it!

    In the past - especially when calorie counting - if I went over my calories, I'd see it as a lost cause, and go completely crazy ('I've had 500 more calories than I should have, might aswell have another 500, and another...'). I guess it's all about mindset, moving on from one hiccup and continuing as you mean to go on... healthily! :)
  9. busybee123

    busybee123 Full Member

    I'd say try having them per day and try having them at weekend and just see what works for you.

    I have up to five a day then the rest at weekends on takeaways with my hubbs.
  10. brelly

    brelly Member

    thank you every1...im going to have them this weekend all in one go, (im off to Chinese buffet later!!) then im going to try and be good!! im getting married in august and need a bikini body too!!! the weight is coming off (pathetically slow!!) literally just 1lb per week but I suppose its better than nothing!! :sigh: xxxxx
  11. jennjenn84

    jennjenn84 Full Member

    a pound a week is just under 4st a year, loosing at this rate will have you at target for your wedding.
  12. brelly

    brelly Member

    :thankyou: WOW!!!! never thought of that!!! thanks....feel much better <--- motivation boost!! xxxx

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