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Not sure whether to carry on


Still Climbing That Hill!
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Hi everyone,

My heads all over the place just now so sorry in advance for the not too positive post.

Im not really sure what to do diet wise, i went for a smear as ive had lots of bleeding after sex, and last night started comfort eating loads and drank way too much alcohol to try calm my nerves and haven't stopped eating since! I was doing really well on SW losing a stone in 3 weeks, but now this has gone and put a spanner in the works, i know if anything abnormal comes back in the test i would be better off sticking to my diet and losing as much as i can, but at the same time all i want to do is eat and drink but if i carry on like that my lost stone will be back plus more probablly!! I don't reaaly think i've the motivation just now to carry on:(:( Just looking for some words of advice onwhat you think you would do.
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Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8


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I have had many things knock me off course and the only thing I can tell you is this: Whilst I thought I was failing at SW because I wasn't losing weight, by sticking to the plan the best I could rather than completely coming off it saved me from putting it all back on and made it easier to get back on it after the troubles had passed x


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For the past seven-eight years I have had severe pain when having sex and it terified me and after many many smears I've finally found out it was due to too much yeast in my body. I understand how scary it can be when something doesn't feel right down there x. My o/h was admitted to hospital a couple of months ago with pneumonia and I was petrified and I did the same, I did lots of comfort eating, good news is now that he's recovered i'm back on plan and i've lost the weight i gained. Sometimes things crop up and it's difficult to stay on plan. Not really sure what to suggest but just to let you know i understand X
Try to do your best, like Taz says damage limitation!

I could be something like erosion, did the nurse comment if it looked eroded? That can cause bleeding after sex xx


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Awww hun don't give up. You've done so well already with great weight losses. I realise losing weight is the last thing on your mind right now, but just think when the test results do come back and you've been worrying over nothing or something that is a quick and easy fix, how bad you'll feel about undoing what you've lost.

My advice would be to keep to the plan as much as possible, do extra easy as that will give you more options. Keep track of your syns even if you go way over the 10 to 15 a day, at least that way you are sort of staying on track rather than just losing the plot completely.

Biggest hugs to you. It must be such a worrying time but don't feed your worry by comfort eating on top of everything else.

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