Nutritional Data for Cambridge Porridge?


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Sorry to be a pain - can anyone tell me how many calories, carbs, both total and of which sugars, protein, fat total and fat of which saturates, fibre and sodiuim per 100g of the porridge product? I'm trying to add it to an online food log I use and its dissapeared from their database! I dont have the info as i dont have an actual box of porridge, only a satchet...ta muchly xxx
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Hi BW, i have the box and it says -
per 100g serving
cals - 358
carbs - 40.2 (sugars -12.7, starch-26.5)
fat - 7.8 (sat 1.5)
protein - 31.7
fibre - 6.5
sodium - 0.1

per 40g serving
cals - 143
carbs - 16.1 (sugars -5.1, starch - 10.6)
fat - 3.1(sat 0.6)
protein - 12.7
fibre - 2.6
sodium - 0.05



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Oh thank you Lelly the Legend xx