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Nutty's "weight to go" diary.

nutty me

onwards and downwards
I have set my first goal, I have a wedding on the 23rd of May and would love to have lost a stone and a half for the event. Also, I will desperately need a new dress - I have seen one I like and am NOT buying in a size 22.!:sigh:

So here goes week 1 - After 2 days.

Started on Monday:

Breakfast shake + half a banana.
Lunch pepper soup
pm shake made into mouse and half a banana.
Supper chicken curry and cabbage.
Evening Hot chocolate shake

Day 1 banging head at the end of the day and felt as though I had not drunk enough. Struggled a little to get everything in. Will work at this. Upside is I dont feel hungry.

Day 2

Breakfast Shake
am banana
Lunch Mediteranean veg Soup
Pm Strawberry Shake
Supper Mushroom Bourg....
Evening chocolate Mouse.Shake

Better day. Managed better fitting everything in. Still dont feel hungry. Peeing loads - Im sure this is a good sign.

Promised myself I wouldnt go on the scales however had a look this morning and was pleasantly surprised I had lost 2.6Lbs.

Therefore continuing onwards and downwards with the weight loss!!!!:D
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nutty me

onwards and downwards
Days 3- 7

Managed really well in my first week. Disappointed with myself when after cooking a beef dinner I did eat a slice of beef. However continued to the plan otherwise. Weigh day tomorrow I will let you know how Im doing. Not feeling hungry or weak. Ive had acouple of headaches otherwise doing ok.

fingers crossed for tomorrow.

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Weight loss on its way!! Down 7Lbs and counting. I have all my food ready for the next week. Ive got my step pedometer out and will start walking extra this week to build up to 10,000 steps a day in the next 3 weeks. New Me are you doing any exercise?

nutty me

onwards and downwards
12 days in on the weight to go diet. Still hanging in - feel ok and the headaches have cleared. Some days find it difficult as not hungry and have 2 more shakes to take. Then I feel I am forcing myself to drink them. Weigh day monday so it will be interesting to see how I have done. Its also, that time of the month and was surprised I didnt get any of my usual cravings. However would have quite fancied a bacon butty for breakfast today - but i did resist. How good am I. Not finding the food boring as I thought I would. See how I feel in another 4 weeks time!!
Gonna go now as Ive just got in from work and I am shattered.

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Completed my first two weeks. Its been ok. A few ups and downs. Difficult at work yesterday when the patients were giving loads of easter eggs for the staff. However managed to resist. Nearing my first goal of losing a stone - I already feel better in myself, knowing when I lose 2 stone I will feel fantastic. Its so typical that when you are being good and starting a new diet you get loads of invites to go out!! So May I have a full calander of invites for a hen night, wedding, 2 nights out which include meals and my birthday. Will see how I deal with all that in the coming weeks. Anyhow off for the day with my family whom I just convinced not to have lunch out!! In support of me they have not had easter eggs this year however I feel as though I have denied them. But thanks everyone.XX

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Well week 3 completed and have to confess i wandered off the field a few times. However back on track now. A loss of 1.6lbs giving a grand total of 12.4 lbs down. So feeling good. Over 3 weeks it works out at roughly 4lbs a week loss. Yipee!!!! Here goes for week 4. Im going away for a 3 days so Ive packed my food packs and shakes. Im determined to stay 100 % this week. No excuses...!!!!!

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Well been away for 3 days and although I didnt stay a 100% I managed to get my steps in. Weighed myself this morning and I have lost 2lbs. So Im very happy.

My first goal of losing 10% of my weight is growing nearer. I have another 10Lbs to lose.

nutty x

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Well, decided I would contiue with the walking this week. Aim to get 8000 steps a day this week. Want to get to my first goal of losing 10% of my body weight before the wedding on the 23rd. Not sure if Im asking too much to lose 10lbs in the next 3.5 weeeks. Watch this space......

Monday - 7070 steps - nearly !!

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Ohhh! I feel so rough!! The period from hell accompanied by 3 days of migraines.!!! How unfair is that? I feel crap -cant wait to end this week. Not looking for a weight loss will be pleased to make it to the end of the week!!

Im feeling really sorry for myself.......waiting for my husband to come home and pamper me.!!

Speak soon, Nutty

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