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O/T Anyone a bit crafty

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Hi All,

I'm really into cross stitching at the moment and would like to look into other crafts. What sort of crafts are you into? Anyone part of a craft club or group? I would love to join a group but cant find one near me :(

Off topic but interesting to see what other do. x
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Slow but sure....
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I have been an avid Cross Stitcher for 25 years or more, It's my passion, I just love it.

I have never joined a group though, but I'm sure if you put 'Cross Stitch Forums' into Google it will bring up lot's for you.

Good luck with it.


I will succeed!!!
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Me me meeee! Much to OH's *delight* as he's forever finding 'shiny stuff'.

I do card making/invitation making/scrapbooking a lot. I tend to do it for others as gifts. I'm currently making my cousin's wedding invites and I love it. It's a great way to help and keeps me busy.

I also sometimes have photos printed onto fabric and turn them into 'scrap book cushions' etc. I'm going to make my my cats a new bed and put some pics of them on it.

If you're looking to branch out I'd say find a club near to you. Scrapbooking costs a small fortune - all the hole punch shapes and whatnot add up. But some local stores do a craft night and you get the basics for the entrance fees etc. I don't go to these as have a bunch of stuff at home, so just need to buy new cards/paper etc.
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I embroider my own cards; it's very easy to do, & doesn't cost too much. You only need card, embroidery thread, pattern, mat, pricking tool, card & needle. The effect can be very pretty. I've just made my own christmas cards & they look lovely.

I don't belong to a club would love to if there was one near to where I live.
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Ooh can anyone point me in the right direction to start cardmaking please. I'm a bit cross stitch crazy at the moment, I cant get enough of it!! x


Slow but sure....
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I'm a bit cross stitch crazy at the moment, I cant get enough of it!! x[/QUOTE]

It's so addictive isn't it - I love it..
Card making is soooo addictive, I love it! Thing is, I spend an absolute fortune on stuff and probably have enough to last me a lifetime - OH does get a bit fed up with it! I love giving a hand made card as it shows you've taken time and care, my close family and friends always get hand made cards but I don't do it for all birthdays as I don't have the time.
I also do cross stitch, haven't done any for some years but I love it and have completed a lot of projects over the years.
I knit and am close to completing a lovely jacket for myself, just need to do the last bit.
I would love to do a scrapbook and would be able to use a lot of my card making things to complete it, it's just time really!!

I used to do lots more when I was single, childless and didn't have a dog but I wouldn't change any of it for the world....
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Ooh can anyone point me in the right direction to start cardmaking please. I'm a bit cross stitch crazy at the moment, I cant get enough of it!! x
I'd like to make cards too but I'm a bit lost as to where to start. I'd like to make them in a cost effective way, to save money as well.
You can buy a starter kit for as little as a tenner from some craft shops or on-line.
Also in supermarkets you can get a card making magazine pack which has lots of stuff in and they are about 8 pound.
If you can find a do-crafts stockist near you (lots of garden centres have them) you can buy a goodie bag for about 15 pound, this has papers, cards, stamps, stickers, pens and all sorts of stuff in them.
It's a good start but you can spend so much money, I have some stamps which cost 15 pound just for one! I tell myself it will last forever and I'll always use it, it's my justification!!


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Oh lord - where to start! :D I have over the years done:
  • embroidery
  • tapestry
  • needlepoint
  • cross stitch
  • lace making
  • macrame
  • basket weaving
  • knitting
  • crocheting
  • card-making and
  • beadwork
But for the past few years my absolute, can't live without, passion has been patchwork and quilting.


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I used to do parchment craft a while ago, which is really addictive and I loved it, I used to make all my birthday cards and little gifts for people...Time issues has stopped me recently and I do miss it...I love all types of craft and used to make things with the kids when they were smaller....Luckily for me I now have a 8 year old step daughter who comes home from school with things to make, her mother send her down to me with the things to make!!
I used to embroider years and years ago and I have just started a cross stitch pattern i've made myself....Not sure how that's going to turn out....Time will tell!!


I will succeed!!!
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As well as what Jaylou says, the best £5 I ever spend was on a card folding board. It's scored for different sizes and saves me a bomb from buying pre-made blank cards.

Ebay is great for second hand scrap booking-card making gear. I'd say invest in some basic paper punches that you'll be able to use on many styles...like hearts etc.

My basics are:

Card- various colours and textures
Paper - various colours and textures
Double sided tape
Paper punches
Guillotine (sp?)
Edged scissors

Tin foil - keeps scissors and punches sharp ;-)


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If you were looking to set up a group here it is very simple.

What is a social group?
A social group is a group of people usually with a particular interest or something else in common. It provides a way of communicating between members as well as sharing photos or other images.
You can get to the list through 'Group Memberships' section on your public profile (?).
The Social Groups list page displays all groups that have been created. You can list the groups by the number of members, messages or pictures, the group name, when the group was created or by the date of the most recent message posted. You can use the controls provided to search for a group.
How do I join a group?
To join a group, click the group title then click 'Join Group'. When you have joined a group, its name will be shown in your public profile. You must be a logged-in, registered member to join groups.
Can I create my own social group?
As a registered member, you can create your own social group (providing the administrator allows this). Go to the groups page and click 'Create A New Group'. Complete the title and description for your group then select the type. There are three types of groups:
  • Public - open to everyone. There is no restriction on who can join or who can post messages to it
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  • Moderated - open to everyone to join but messages need to be moderated before they will appear. They are moderated by the group creator and the site moderators and administrators
If you click on the Community button on the top Blue Bar you will see Social Groups!

Love Mini xxx
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As my name suggests I love knitting. I learned as a child but didn't really do much between my teens and when I had my first child. Then it took off but I find my girls will love the item I'm making for them, wear it once then never to be seen again. So I tend to only make things for myself now but have been commissioned twice.

I also tried making Christmas cards one year but I thought they looked awful and had spent a lot of money and time. That's a never again. I don't think I'd like cross stitch or embroidery as I'm too impatient.

Love the idea about setting up a social group.

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I'd love to get into a hobby but at the moment I need to concentrate on getting fit again so the gym will be my new hobby. I love reading as well, got 9 books to read but they've taken a back burner.

Ebays a good place to look as well for arts and craft items or places such as Hobbycraft, Argos, Studio


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I love to knit , (but Ihave 2 cardis waiting for buttons ! For the last 8 years! But they will fit nicely since I lost weight!)
I did 3 tapestry cushion covers of cats which are still waiting to be made up (8 years again, and I have the stuffing!) Is there a pattern here?

I tried to learn tatting years ago but failed. I can crochet, and I would LOVE to make lace.
I bought a sewing machine 6 months ago cos I used to make my own clothes but haven't used it yet! (I'm a whizz at setting in sleeves but cr*p at zips!)
What I need is time! Retirement can't come soon enough!


Strutting her stuff
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And of course the added benefit of crafting is that it occupies your mind and your hands - meaning you're less likely to snack on naughty things ;)


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Shiney beady stickery things!!

I make cards, jewellery, anything. I make kids paintings. I have painted snakes too for people. I just love anything arty crafty. It helps having an art / graphics a-level lol

Mind you I don't get a minute to myself these days with my toddler running riot :( xx

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