O/T Anyone in SW London need a flatmate?

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  1. Blondee x

    Blondee x Full Member

    Evening all! :D sorry to put this on here as I know it's soooo off topic.

    I'm looking for a room to rent in South West London. Preferably Putney, Southfields or Wandsworth. Wimbledon or Raynes Park would be an option too.

    Of course I'm looking at websites meant for this sort of thing but it occured to me today that it might be quite nice to live with someone who understands the diet as I'm still going to be doing it for a while and we all know how boring and anti-social it can be at times :( (plus everyone on here seems so lovely and not at all axe-murderer like ;) hehehe)

    Anywho, if you are and would be interested please PM me, I'm looking to move late August to early September.

    Thanks guys, I really hope noone minds me putting this on here x
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  3. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    good luck finding somewhere
  4. Blondee x

    Blondee x Full Member

    Thank you dancing :)
  5. Deejay

    Deejay Full Member

    Good luck honey. I'm in South East London, and don't need a flatmate (moved out of my last ever shared household two years ago, never looked back) but I know how hard it can be to find something right. Hope the perfect place and flatmates jump out at you :)

    Dee x
  6. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    Blondee, you probably have done this already, but check out gumtree.

    Good luck with the hunting!
  7. Blondee x

    Blondee x Full Member

    Awww thanks girls! :)

    Dee, I was desperate for my own place but after viewing a couple of flats that were stretching my budget to its limit and being totally disappointed (studios aka shoeboxes lol) I decided I had no other option but to flatshare. Well done that you have your own place, hopefully if I get my arse in gear and get a better job I will get there one day! x

    Thanks undisturbedgirl, I have checked gumtree out before but will def keep an eye on it cos I think it's my best bet! :D x
  8. MiniMe*Escaping

    MiniMe*Escaping Banned

    Well i am sure your make a good flat mate! good luck!!!
  9. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    Well i would have suggested myself for possible flatmating, but i am still waiting on my bloody start date for me new job - ARGH!!!!

    I am hoping that after a couple of months saving up for a deposit, i can move out, though all the places for around 700 max a month (my budget) seem to be dives, well from what i have seen from my internet flat hunting lol

    Oooh actually, check out www.rightmoves.co.uk for flats, as some are flat/house shares xx
  10. Blondee x

    Blondee x Full Member


    Awwww I bet you would be a good flat mate! You seem really nice :D

    My budget is the same hun and you're right everything is either a dive or incredibly small :( not good when I'm nearly 6 ft tall and on the *ahem* curvy side hehehe

    Thanks for the website link, will check it out :) x x good luck with your search too!
  11. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    No way! If it wasn't for the fact we look totally different and there is no chance of us being the same person, i would say we are the same person lol

    I am 5'11 myself, so no attic rooms for me either :p

    Good luck hun and be sure to keep us updated how you get on, though your area of choice is pretty pricey, your budget as a flat sharer you should get a really nice flat/house.
  12. Blondee x

    Blondee x Full Member

    Oh my god, what are the chances?! I wear glasses sometimes too, the similarities go on! U sure you can't move yet?! ;) lol

    I know, SW is over priced really but I lived nr Putney last year with my ex and feel comfortable in that sort of area cos I know where I'm going lol I'm originally from Wiltshire see, so being a little county mouse I was a bit overwhelmed with it all at first and am a bit reluctant to learn a totally new area even if it means my finances suffering hehehe

    I just don't think these London flats were built for us amazonians! lol I think I need to find a rich man to pay for a penthouse flat for me! :D geez, wishful thinking!
  13. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    WOW! We are sisters at least lol

    I have just noticed your ticker, you have lost loads so far, well done with that!!

    But no, not a chance in hell of me moving before i start this job, been waiting for the last 3/5 months for a start date (Department of Work and Pensions), they're HR dept is really slack.

    Awww a country girl, yeah SW is the greenest part of London you're going to get, but hopefully you will find a nice old man, with a weak heart and the sense to leave directions to all his financial documents lol

    If this DWP job was paid a few k more, i would live in reading or brighton and commute in to london, but it's not, and i am going to end up living in a glorified squat lol
  14. Blondee x

    Blondee x Full Member

    Awww thanks! I'm doing Cambridge SS, I just don't have the patience to do anything that takes longer even though that means I have to totally deprive myself for weeks at a time! Oh well, it's totally worth it! You are doing really well too :)

    I was just kidding hun but man, they sure are making you wait! I hope the job has some mighty big perks to make it worth while! Thinking about it, because you would be working for the government would you class for key worker housing?

    Yeh, that sounds like a mighty fine plan to me, with you working in pensions I'm guessing you would have access to quite a few old guys details.......how does a 60-40 split sound? ;) hahaha!
  15. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    60:40 split sounds mighty good to me, wonder what i will spend my 60% on :p Maybe we could go cruising old people's homes for some eye candy? lol

    Nope, this job isn't work the wait at all, especially considering i am on job seekers at the moment and i am desperate to get off it into my new job, which is an admin officer role.

    Once they are paying me, they can mess me around as much as they like, but argh lol
  16. Blondee x

    Blondee x Full Member

    hahaha just had a wonderful mental image of us cruising for coffin dodgers :D

    Im not surprised you're getting fed up hun, you would think they would want you in a job as much as you want to be! Let's hope it turns out to be worth the wait :) I think I might look for my new job in government somewhere, the money should be better! lol
  17. Undisturbedgirl

    Undisturbedgirl Silver Member

    I'm only so keen to start, as i want my salary (so i can move out and join the gym and get back to my regular cinema habits lol) and to curb my boredom.I do like working and the social aspect of it, and this will be my first perm job, as i temped for nearly 2 years when i left uni, so the idea of some job security is great.

    But if you are curious about local govt jobs, i'll send you some links if you like?

    How is the flat hunting going?
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