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o/t my new coat is here :)

well today i'm on top of the world!:D

my gorgeous new blue coat came today(the one i posted in other thread).
must say its as gorgeous as it looked in the pics.
as you know i ordered it in a smaller size so it'll last the winter.tried it on to see how much i'll have to lose to get in it and IT FITS!:eek::D
granted i will feel better in it losing a bit more weight but it does up and looks proper smart:flirt2:
so pleased i got it.

while i was at trying stuff on i tried on my dotty p jeans i got a few weeks ago and while they done up at the time,i look great in them now.a few more lbs down,and they make my legs look mega long,supermodel type lol x

picked up my halloween dress earlier at tesco(first time in a costume and first in a dress since wedding day nearly 10 years ago).its a size 16-18:eek:.
now i started 11 weeks ago in a tight size 24 so really chuffed.

so as you probably gather i'm having a fab day so far.
sorry for coming on to brag but i couldn't help myself :p lol x
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Hey babe if you cant come on here and brag about losing weight and looking and feeling great where can you???haha! Its so great hearing such happiness wen people r talking about clothes coz we wud usually dread shopping. Well Done hun and its great that the coat already fits but you still can lose some more pounds and it will fit. So happy for you!
thank you x

think i may be developing a shopping addiction though lol x

love being able to walk in any shop(that does long leg)and pick something up instead of having to order from simply be and the likes.

i'm actually smaller now than i was when i got married.
gonna go on a man hunt soon now the confidence is returning x
Well done babes dats one ting im looking forward too getting dressed up and finding a man haha! I cant wait to throw out all my clothes and go shopping im saving for a whole new wardrobe! Ill be so happy if i enjoy shopping for once.


Otherwise known as Jools
Brilliant well done :D I know how you feel though about fitting into smaller clothes. I had to have a clear out of the wardrobe this week and have dumped all my very large clothes ie the sizes 24 - 26 and can now fit into most 22's and even some 20's. Its so nice to be able to do that. I can feel a raid on the January Sales coming up - when hopefully I shall be in the 16-18's :D
Yay!!! I love reading this sort of thing! You're doing so well & what a great surprise - you'll be swamped in that coat in no time though (good thing? Bad thing? Hmm...not sure, heh).

i'm looking at it as a good thing Hannah.get to buy more clothes then lol x

s2bym,i might take a pic in it soon.get my hair chopped next week so can show it all off in one pic x
You're one hot sexy Mama, and I bet that coat is stunning on you. I NEED a PIC! Show yourself off! I would of I was you, you stunner!

I'm a bit p*ssed off buying clothes as I buy them one week, then they're falling off the next. I bought 4 pairs of jeans in New Look, got size 20 as I thought they will last a few months. Wrong, they lasted a week. So a bit disgusted, as I liked them. Bought that jacket you talked about - leather look, blah, loved it, so comfy, size 22, way too big now. Might as well just burn me money.

I also want a pic of you dressed up for Halloween please!

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