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O/T: Rant: That Stupid Blo*dy Pink Woman!


Starting Again!
I hate that pink woman, you know the one I'm talking about, off the telly...

Firstly! Those people with the stains if my kid was ruining my clothes then I wouldn't say oh whoops, what sort of discipline is that?!

Secondly who invited this bi*ch to just mince into the house? Who is she fuc*ing spiderman?! Got senses?! "Ooo some silly cow has made a mess I must break in with my over-priced, non-working products and "fix" their stains"

Not only is it none of her blo*dy business, but she rubs it in "look this is what colour your carpet is supposed to be" Maybe I like the stains, maybe they give my house and clothes character! And who are you to judge? Have you seen what you're wearing? You look like a strawberry condom!

So take you scanky as* pink self, take all your crap*y products and shove them right up your **** and just F**K OFF!

Ahh, that's better :)
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is getting better at it
ha im with you on that one, i would worry more about the dinner being on the floor and wasted than the stains on the clothes


Starting Again!
Exactly! You'd say, oh bol*ox! throw the clothes in the wash and open the freezer - the day I say; "Oh no, how will I get these greasy stains out..." When there is food involved you may shoot me!


is getting better at it
yep, i might say that after i have eaten but then again i would just squish it with washing up liquid then wash it not go pink
LOL Squiddie
You have missed your true vocation in life!! You should be a comedienne!!! So funny and true.


Silver Member
haha this has brightened my day i hate these adverts. I just read this out to my husband and he was laughing along.
We definitley agree that those kids have no discipling especially the one with pizza. What a little sod clip him round the ear (can you tell I aint got kids lol).
Also on subject of misbehaving kids have you seen the quickfit where the kid is bashing the water cooler and the mum just sits there. Then says what else do you do and he puts kid asleep.
Why do so many advert kids have discipline problems?


Starting Again!
Oh don't! I mean I love kids and hope to have some one day (2 actually, a boy and girl, boy first Jack and Katie, but that's a different story), but I would throw that KwikFit kid through the window! Or say you want to play the drums do ya? And drum on his head until he shut up!

Maybe I should do a daily advert round up :p


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Hehehehe I hate the vanish adverts too. The one where the mum says your dress is ruined you cant go to the party and the kid stands there....yeah right like that would happen without a hissy fit involved.
The one with the pizza I would be more bothered about tea being on the floor that his clothes.
I also get annoyed at the mascara ones. If youre advertising that your product makes lashes bigger then why do you have to enhance in post production of whatever it says. If its enhanced the product doesnt do what it says lol


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The Advert that winds me up is that bl**dy air freshner one... That kid... ' i want to do a poo at pauls house'
I want to smack him, little sod!!

Likewise i love kids, but he windes me up soooo MUCH!!!



Bears dont dig on dancin'
OMG that annoys me too! You're so funny Squiddie!!! And that air freshener one lol. My OH knows it winds me up and randomly says "I want to do a poo at Pauls house" lmao. xx

Mrs V

Loves Life!
For me its Compare the Meerkat! My Hubby winds me up over this and I cringe whenever the advert is on the telly!! GRR!
I don't like the Churchill adverts, that dog has weird eyes now... He looks as though he is posessed by Satan, or smacked off his head.
For me its Compare the Meerkat! My Hubby winds me up over this and I cringe whenever the advert is on the telly!! GRR!
Oh DON'T remind me... I'd blocked that one from my mind! I never thought the day would come when I'd actually want to set exploding traps for Meerkats... But I do now.
just butting in, pink woman is responsible for the arguments i have with my little'un every time i take her shopping with me-no we dont need any!! even if it is in a pink pot!!!

my personal bugbear tho is ANY ad where food gets up and dances about and sings or speaks,freak me out a bit


Gold Member
Natt, you crack me up, you really do!!

But I'm with you 100% and the "poo at paul's house one" and the mascara one which is "styled with lash inserts" - why???? Doesn't make them much longer does it if they use lash inserts.

On another note, I love the meerkats!! (sorry mrs v)


Slow but sure....
LOL.....Natt you are a scream, thank you for the laugh.

I also hate the child and the 'poo' advert - when my children were that age and wanted to 'poo' they had to go now - they would never have managed to 'wait' until we got to Paul's house!!!!

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