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Apologies for the rant and ramble but I am HIGHLY stressed.

Ever since I returned to work, tax credits have been a nightmare. Every year I supply them with correct figures. Every year I notify them of any changes as they happen. Every year I get a letter saying they have overpaid me and that they will be taking it out of current claims.

The latest one is for over £1,900. I could only complete the end of year form for myself and not my ex-partner as I don't know where he is. I was told to explain all this, which I did. I got back a letter saying 'tough s**t' (well, words to that effect!). I rung and spoke to someone else who said I had not supplied figures at the beginning of the claim. She then checked her pad notes and there WERE some so I wrote stating all this.

I've had another letter this morning saying it is my responsibility to make sure they get replies from both me and my ex-partner (who is somewhere in or around Doncaster so rumour has it). They have also directed me to some legislation that came in in Jan 2008 which states that if the applicant does not point out faults on claim assessments within 1 month of receiving the award notification then tough titty.

I have kept them up to date every time there has been a change. I'm not thick but I don't fully understand their workings, just like I'm sure they wouldn't understand my work.

I wish I'd never claimed the bl***y thing in the 1st place. I don't have a current claim so they will 'negotiate' me paying it back over 12 months (£160 per month).

As I say, sorry for rant. I'm just sick and tired of everything now.:cry:
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We had similar problems a few years ago, their admin is up the wall. Also I recall this being the same amount they wanted from us - coinsidence?
A few suggestions if they are saying you owe money:
Offer a very small weekly repayment - shows good faith.
Keep copies of everything and send all correspondance to them by recorded delivery.
Mention you will contact the local press/ your MP/CAB - they don't want any more bad publicity.
Don't let them bully you.


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tax credits!!- blooming nightmare- they hadnt been paying me the right amount for 3 years ,so i got it all back
But now when i ring them they wont talk to me because
1- they say i work for the tax office and
2 are not allowed to go into my file!
LOL wot a joke !! i work for tesco
so we had a major big cock up- i am still waiting since last april to be paid into my bank-but hey ho they keep sending giros!


I am one of the 63336
S: 20st3lb C: 20st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)

Thanks for your replies ladies.

I've written a letter to my MP and my ex is going to photocopy the letter from the tax credit people tonight so I can stick it in there too.

Alice, I hope yours gets sorted soon too xx


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Sorry to hear you are having problems with them, this is the exact reason why i refuse to claim!

Hope you get it sorted out, it's not fair how many people they mess about with claims, it is unfair and causes stress as you will know.


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I had to pay back over £4,000 for a c*ck up at their end 4 years ago. I'd never claim again, it's not worth all the stress and hardship.


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Not to be blunt but they are complete idiots. They are chasing my Mom for £3000 they say she owes, my sister is 18 and my Mom has been living in Spain for 3 years and not claiming! They cock it up and then blame the claimant and try to recoup the money - no independant company would get away with this, imagine if sky said "oh whoops, we've been undercharging you for 3 years - you can pay us back at £160 per month"?
It's about time the government did something about disfunctional operations like this, don't even get me started on social services.

(Apologies if anybody works for any of the disfunctions, please don't take it as a personal attack - this is way beyond the individual employee's fault) x


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They are hounding me also for cock ups they made in 2002 onwards. I have already paid lots back that they say i was overpaid by even though I have kept them up to date with my earnings. I have been fighting a bill for £3500 I have been to the Ombusman etc but because tax credits say they have lost my claims the ombusman says there is not enough evidence and gone in their favour even though I have provided proof they got it wrong! It really sucks. I wish I had never claimed.