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O/T The joys of advancing age !


Mad old Bat with Attitude
I went to the Drs this morning, I've been having cramps in my feet at night which result in me getting very little sleep! Not good if you're still working! So it's the quinine tablets for me! AND I mentioned my left ear going deaf, so I have to go for a hearing test, and could end up with a hearing aid :eek:. I'm not really struck on this growing old lark!:rolleyes:
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Slow but sure....
Judi, as you know I take steroids every day (pesky things hamper my weight loss) and because another side effect is Osteo Porosis I have to chew calcium tablets 3 times a day to help safe guard my bone density - and since I have been chewing these tablets I have had NO cramp and I was always plagued with it in my legs every night, there must be a link perhaps with the calcium.......the tablets are call CalciChew and I think you can buy them over the counter at the chemist, they taste like lemons - so if you need an alternative any time.........


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Thanks for that Donnie!The Doc did mention calcium rich foods! You are clever! I actually had a "lightbulb" moment last night! :D I've only had these cramps since I got my new Wii game :( it could be some of the exercises that make me balance on my toes, tho the doc said it was likely to be my age as my father was a matyr to them!
Judi, put your foot down to repetative strain injury, it sounds better, and just tell people to stop mumbleing when they speak, I've noticed people doing it more and more round me lateley lol. We are not getting old, just matureing like a very fine wine which people pay a fortune to have. Do our O/H realise how lucky they are to have us I wonder? lol.

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