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O/T: I Think I'm Going Blind! (Part III)


Getting fit for 30!
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Hey everyone,

First off I want to apologise for not being around much, as you know I was ill last week and I've been spending this week catching up with everything! I hope to be back 100% soon! :p

In the meantime, if you've read part one and part two, you will know the gist.

So my appointment was at 11.30am...got see at 1.00pm! Saw a new doctor (the 3rd one well 4th if you include my optician) called Mr. Baker and he was lovely. He had a look through the normal machine that you have to hold onto like a bike!

So then he decided he wanted to have a bit more of an indepth look. He went to get the machine and the wheel was broke so asked if I would go over to that room, so off I went with him...then he couldn't log into it! 2 nurses and an IT bloke couldn't do it, so then a nurse with a half eaten apple in her gob just went "click" and it was sorted :p

It was like being on a mad trip staring at a green start with a fizzy red background. Then he wanted to print the results and the printer wouldn't work!

So the result so far... I have a few inflamed cells at the back of my eye and at the back of retena there are a few blood cells that are also inflamed. His idea would be a course of steroids either injected into my eye (ow!!) or tablets (phew!).

HOWEVER! He decided that he would refer me to another consultant, and see what he says.

The blood test that was looking for sarcoidosis was a bit elevated, but as my chest x-ray was clear they think it might be a red herring.

So readers looks like there will be a part IV!

Thanks for reading :D

Natt xxx
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Hope it's all ok hun - thinking of you xxx


Minimins gal x
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Morning Nat hun ur really going through a hard time at the mo and i feel for you big time hun.
I hope and pray that is a problem that can be sorted out and not leave you with restricted vision.
Just wanted to give you a big hug and say that i am thinking of you and that the next consultant sorts out the problem and you're treatment will be successful
You are such a caring woman and have supported so many people here on MMm its now our turn to support you through this hard time.
Take care hun and chat soon xxx.
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Sorry you have been so poorly Natt.
Hope you get your consultants appointment quickly and you feel better soon.
Rosie xx
I so admire your additude :). I'm thinking of you x.
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oo the drama, its almost filling in for desperate housewives.

hope your better soon, and if i wer eyou i'd opt for the tablets! Injections in the eye sound far to extreme and icky for me LOL

Hope you feel better soon. lots of love x


Trying again!!!
Hope you feel better soon Natt, you have been through the mill recently *hugs* xx ps I was looking for your thread re: DLA petition but I can't seem to find it???


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Wow babes, you're going through it, and no mistake!

I've just read back through the other two threads (cos somehow I;d missed them both!)...

I'm thinking of you and sending you huggles


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Get well soon natt and keep resting, and hopefully your next appointment will be quicker and get results :)
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Hugs Natt, your writting your own "Mini" series here lol, you do go through the mill don't you. It must be somebody elses turn now for a run you've had soo much bad luck of late with ailements. You take care and keep on the bright side as usual xx


Getting fit for 30!
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Aw thanks everyone! Nothing is ever simple for me! I went to the hospital again today this time for my knee and I'm going into day sugery in about 5 weeks to have injections, what is it with these doctors and trying to stab me!

Just wanted to say I really apreciate all your kind words, really means a lot.

Hugs and kisses,

Natt xxx


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Things are sounding more positive now Hun. Hope you just need the steroid tablets, and the injections are very quick. Hopefully you will get a great deal of relief from them. The NHS is obviously working for you.


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stupid me. yes i have being thinking of you. i do hope they can sort your eyes out....i had to take steroid eye drops for nearly two years on and off[certainly over a year together] and they found they made the pressure in my eye increase so they had to give me other drops to bring the pressure down

sorry you had swine flu as well


Getting fit for 30!
S: 25st5lb C: 25st5lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I was on steroid eye drops for 8 weeks all told, but apparently they weren't strong enough to get to the back of my eyes, hence why they want to poke needles into them!!! I got an appointment for 24th Aug, so stayed tuned for part IV - put the date in your diary!

Scarlet Daisy

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Good luck with all this *sigh*. Poor you. The debacle at the hospital sounds fairly typical...I have so many recent stories of that sort. Some NHS facilities need a bl**dy good shake up.


I'm a greedy pig
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yes poor you. stupid me. god love you waiting for so long for diagnosis[like i said whenever i have had to go to the eye clinic in Dublin i always got a diagnosis immediately

hope you don't need the injections in your eye [doesn't sound pleasant but i have read of people who have had them ]] and you can have the tablets for your eye
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Hi Natt, I missed this update until today. I can't believe you still have to wait for a final opinion on this. I am sure that, with your very positive attitude, you will be fine, and you will always have the support of everyone on here.
Take care and best wishes, Tracy

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