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Occupation/eating habits

Just a lil question out of interest guys.

What's your occupation? N does yr job affect yr eating habits?

Mine is in Customer Services for Sheffield Council as an Admin Assistant. At a desk all day in a stressful office! I dont know I am dieting! Lolz
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I'm a full time student / part time shop girl :) I work for Spar, which is a little difficult, as there's food everywhere! But it's only on a Saturday, so I can put up with it for one day a week :) And as for the student part, the occupational hazards of being a student are generally being a lazy bum! Lol. Students are well known for drinking too much and eating junk, so I'm trying not to fit the mould. I don't drink alcohol, and I've cut takeaways right out.

But, as you all know, I'm graduating this summer, so I only have 4 weeks left of being a student bum/shop girl! After that, I'll be back living with my parents (that's a good thing - mam cooks healthy meals!) and working full time! Hopefully getting a job as a support worker for people with mental health problems. I'll be taking lunch to work with me, so I'll not be spending money on take-out lunches, so that should be healthier and cheaper for me :)


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I'm a house wife ( was frm Dundee Nw liv n Glasgw) with inlaws .. Very big fam... My room is on forthfloor lol so I clean the whole house as exercise... I really dnt hv bad habits expt whn it's tym for bed mu husband Liks a little munch lol ... So iv took all foods out our room & we hv to eat fruit lol haha

Hmmm thts all really lol


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I work for a big haulage company as admin sat on my bum all day but this week since restart on Saturday I'm 100 percent ignored the cakes sweets etc that get passed around all day every day whoop whoop me
Good girl peanuts I Been doin that too! Sitting at a pc all day is hard enuf wen dieting without temptations! X


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I know it was hard Monday and Tuesday but today was a doodle while they munched I cut up an orange and apple and had that yeah it would have been nice to have what they had but not until in target weight but by then I'll have a little of what you fancy does no harm well done to you too we will get there
Defo we can treat ourselves wen we r slimmer x

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
I'm the same - busy office, always too much stuff to do.. I *always* stick 100% to whatever plan I'm doing at work because I simply don't have time to cheat!

When I get home on the other hand...

Really admire you Emma, when I was at uni I worked at Starbucks (hellloooo 2 free drinks on shift, and that's before all the coffee/food tasting) and ate takeaways & at the pub all the time! As well as drinking and what's that thug that goes on between naps - oh yeah, university :)p) that's when I gained most of my weight!

Eek! x


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I work in an IT department on the helpdesk. I just get moaned at ALL day, it's so boring and really drives me insane!

My office is terrible for cakes! Touch wood since I have been on the diet (the whole 2 days) no body has bought any in :)

I'm currently training to be a personal trainer and have the nutrition part of the course coming up soon, I'm looking forward to that.

I'm terrible for picking whilst in work (bordom) but only if people buy cakes or sweets or such like. I just have my evening meal at home, which is generally enough to feed 2 people! Takeaway is my downfall. I often get one after the pub, even if I've had tea!! Disgusting really.



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I'm the same! I always get a cheeseburger/kebab on the way home from a night out, even if I'm not hungry! It seems to help ease the hangover the next day, but it's really bad for me lol. Roll on the next 4 weeks so I can hurry up and finish uni and get back into a proper routine :)


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Mine is a chicken kebab, I can eat them sober I love them. Or Miss Millies mmmmm I must stop thinking about it ;)

Am hungry reading all yr replies lol xx

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