oh dear...husks gone wrong!!


Heres me all excited about getting husky thingies to play with...so off I go. 200mls of hot water, half a pack and a wee bittie of coffee. whiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzz and then....gloop. very strange gloop. It's like mix-a-mousse but warm and sticks to each other and not the bowl....it's all a bit strange. I don't like the texture........yukky gloopy stuff I have to bite though!!!

What have I done wrong??:confused:
Stop playing with your food and get back to that presentation naughty girl :D

Never made them so can't be a help, sorry but it sounded like good fun:)
waaaaaahhhhhhh!!! I don't want too...actually, thats a lie...my head is sore and it won't work. I'm reading the same paragraph over and over and over and it's like I've not read it at all...me thinks I need more water and a non-gloopy pack!!:(
Was it a porrige you were trying to make?

If so, several things could have gone wrong. First, how hot was your water? If it's boiling or close to boiling then that could be one problem. You should use very hot water for soup or porrige but not boiling.

Then the whisk speed. I found my soup turned into pond gloop when I used my daughter's hand blender. It was super-duper fast and I think was a factor. So not on the fastest setting and not for too long .... just until you can see it's thickening up.

And lastly, perhaps there was a little too much PH. Try adding a level dessertspoon and see what happens.

Maybe you should market your creation as the 'latest toy' for Christmas .... 'Psyllium Gloop' - you'll make a fortune!! :D
yeah...it was porridge stuff I was after....

my water was not long boiled...will have to let it cool for a bit me thinks......

I have a hand blender...but no speed settings and I don't think I'd trust the weirdo gloop in my frothie maker!! You think I could maybe use the ittie bittie manual whisks I have for mixing up crisp paste would work??

shall go easy on the PH as well...will try again later on as I still have a half pack to have this evening, but I also have a whole presentation to contruct for tomorrow and have tidying and about a million things to do...so.....must be off!! I hate uni....well, I hate 4th year, the other years were ok....I'm such a grump. bah humbug!!!
Oh my God!!!! I've just logged on and am sitting here with my own gloopy porridge making patterns with it and trying to finish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How bizzare that I am not the only one in the world doing this!!!!!!! :eek: :D

I have made porridge before, but in a small amount. After reading Russiandoll's method with a whole pack i thought i would give it a go...bit to gloopy..im wondering if it was the hot water? I waited a few mins after the kettle boiled but prob sitll too hot.
Actually, im rubbish with the hot water thing..i think i end up having my food too hot thus killing all the goodness!!

Anyway, this 'thing' in my pot would make a fab toy...reminds me of the slime you can get.
p.s. im scared of pouring it down the sink cos it might block it!! ahhahahahah
DOn't use the itty bitty blender: it's not 'man' enough for the task!

Your hand blender should be OK .... just do it until the mix STARTS to thicken then stop and pour it into a bowl.

Try using less PH - you can always increase it another time until you get the consistency you like. And definitely not boiling water (I always put a bit of cold water in the bottom of my mixing pot before I pour the water from the kettle in.)

Good luck! (and all the best at Uni tomorrow :) )
it does block the plug hole...i washed out my jug that I blended it in and it blocked it up!!! darn gloop!! maybe throw at pesky neighbours instead??

hrm....we are obviously very bad at the making of the yummy husk goodness.

ewwwww gooooo. gross. I don't want to eat goooooooo!!:(:(
throwing it at neighbours.....what a fantastic idea.
You must know my neighbours hahahhahhahahah
It decided to thicken before I started blending!! darn husks...pesky things.

Must try harder!! :mad::mad::mad:

always good for throwing at neighbours....plus they would never know what hit them!! literally!!:D