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Oh no!!!


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Its not the end of the world. This diet isnt easy at the best of times.

Maybe have a look and see if there was anything that triggered you off that made you eat?

This diet is great for giving you lots of thinking time :)

irish molly

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Oh dear!!! Maybe your weigh in gave you a false sense of securoty or something. Anyway, it's done now. Just get straight back into it. Look forward, not back. Focus on your goal.


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Just forget it - no point beating yourself up. Dust yourself off and be prepared for whatever the feeling was that made you do it when you weigh next week so the same thing doesn't happen again.

And what was the result of that weigh in anyway??? That's the most important thing!! xx


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Oh hun - dont let it get you down - these things happen!
How was your weigh in?
Focus on the coming week now.


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Its hard enough without been hard on yourself hun so forget about it and don't let a bad day turn in to a bad week :)

How much did you lose?


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if at first you dont succeed then try again :) the good thing is you are starting again and not continuing to carry on eating because of the blip you had, so good on you hun. Today is a new day so forget yesterday and keep smiling you can do it chick :D XX
Thank you guys so much! I had lost 11lbs and just had shake number two there. I had a muffin yesterday evening and I felt so sick after it....totally wasn't worth it!


maintaining since June'09
WOW!! Well done on that 11lbs!! Fantastic!
At least now you know it wasn't worth it you're far less likely to do it again. You'll be fine :):) x


hello well done on your 11lb lost..... what would happen if i did this for 2weeks then went on to ww ? xx
hello well done on your 11lb lost..... what would happen if i did this for 2weeks then went on to ww ? xx
You'd have to do a proper re-feed not to gain water and glycogen too quick, I'm not the most experienced but I hope this will help until one of our experts posts, good luck!!

Well done on the 11lb loss just think you could have had that muffin on top of your original weight, every cloud!!

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