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oh no!

I've just eaten 10 lindor chocolates which totals in at 800 calories :( I've also had a bowl of super noodles today which is about 200. I did my exercise dvd in the morning and have had about 3 glasses of water, plus strawberries and chocolates in the morning. I've ruined it all! It's my boyfriends fault for buying me so many tempting choccies. :jelous:

Should I even bother doing the dvd again tonight? I feel really down now, like it probably wont be worth it because I'll put on about 3 lbs anyway due to all this chocolate eating! what else could i do to try and rectify this situation?thanks in advance :eek:
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1 lb is 3500 calories. That's 3500 calories on top of the 'maintenance' 2000 calories most women need. You're not going to gain 3 lb from 800 calories of chocolate :).

Don't worry about it. I know it's easy to say that, because if I've eaten too much I get into thinking 'what's the point?'. But I am trying to tackle it with logic!


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1 lb is 3500 calories. That's 3500 calories on top of the 'maintenance' 2000 calories most women need.
really? ... :eek:...i dont think its that simple :confused:

the only thing you can do..is forget it now...its done...be better tomorrow x
I think I first heard it at Slimming World, but if you google it it seems to be a pretty standard thing. Not that everything Google says is true of course and I'm not searching medical journals, so no guarantees :). It makes sense to me that 1 lb of body fat would have a standard calorific value though, though whether that can strictly be translated into an individual impact on weight gain or loss is a different thing I suppose.


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if i got to eat 3500 extra calories for every 1lb i was heavier i would be a happy bunny...it would be worth it lol :8855:

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