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Ok so I had a planned off day, now what? :)


One last chance
Okie dokes, today was my bf's birthday and we ate out at Loco Mexicano, which means FATTY, FARTY FOODS!

LOL ok so there were hardly any healthy choices. This is what I ate today from morning to night.

30g ready brek
150ml whole milk
1x 89g banana

2x nimble bread slices
less than 70g of tuna
1 Apple

Couldn't finish the chilli con carne, way too much of it. Some salad, some wierd dip and half of my tortilla chips.

Ok, Ive done bad but I had a good time :)

What should I do tomorrow? my consultant told me to cut back the next day. Should I eat 14 points or 16? or...lol I dunno, what should I do? :p
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Hi lol
Tuns of questions for you
How many points are you having?

What week are you on? Is it your 1st week if so are you on fast start?

Did you work out how many points you had in total today?

To make it easier in the future save 4 points a day if you have a special occassion?

xx oh happy birthday to your BF :)


One last chance
LOL thanks very much. This is my first week yes, and I'm only allowed 23 points which is plenty really :p

From breakfast to lunch it's 10.5 points. So I had 12.5 points left over XD
Ahh :rolleyes: lol

Good luck hun hope you get those lbs off quick :) Im the orginal yoyoer 22 years so know its hard.This time ive had to do it mentally as my life plan :eek:

Ok im on 23 points a day too I did fast start my first week I was on 24 then and I did 20 a day,as you say 23 is alot.

Id say personally cut back 4 a day for the rest of the week,still leaves you 19?
But its upto you,I did 20 easily and use the 0point things.
Id say you should easily cover what you had with 12 1/2 and 16 from the 4 your taking ?
What did you think? 14 to 16 is way to low never go less than 4 a day x
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