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ok what do you think?!

right i have today and tommoro to wait till weigh in, i weighed myself this morning do you think i will lose anymore between now and then?? and do you advise i dont look at the scales till sat?! (my 1st weigh in)

p.s sorry if im annoying everybody by talking too much today but its a slow day at work an im still pretty new *apologies* if i am :S x
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im sure you will lose some more before saturday, but try to stay off the scales......then it will be a suprise :D

if u see my other thread i find it so hard to stay away! they are just there...looking at me while i brush my teeth in the morning lol! but ta :)
lol! me too, and still there for the other ten teeth-brushing times throughout the day!

i personally dont think there is much wrong with weighing daily, especially if it gives you an incentive to keep going xx
I am a daily weigher and whilst I use to feel demotivated I don't now. I see that the scales often don't move for days and then have a big drop.
As long as it makes you motivated and not demotivated I am sure it's fine.
hmmm ill try and stay off them but if i fail nevermind :D


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You probably will change before you get weighed again.
When I first started cd I used to get on the scales all the time morning.. then if I went to the toilet then if I had a shake, then in the evening.. Its only been the last few weeks that I have really calmed down always gone on in the morning.
Its ok to go on the scales as I think its good as it keeps you on the straight and narrow especially for after you come of cd . but just dont get to obssessed with them.. coming from me who was really obsessed.
Good luck with your wi hope you have a great loss x
I weigh daily but try not to get to reliant on them, day 4 and 5 I weight the same then this morning it showed a 2lbs loss, sooo I am v. excited for tomorrow's night weigh in. I hope you will have a BIG smile on your face after the WI. xx
ty guys and oooo good luck passion! make sure to let us know how you have done, which im sure will be brill :) i cant wait for mine :D


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Hi, I just want to wish you good luck on you wi!

I think this scale business is a bit different between us all. When I did WW some time ago, I weighed myself constantly. And that was really bad for me. I got totally obsessed, and the numbers of the scale determined my mood for that day. If I had followed the program, and gained weight, I would get upset and treat myself with something to eat to feel better, haha, not the best way:D!

This time around with cd I was pretty sure I wasn't going to weigh myself at all. But I got too curious, and now I do it once a week on monday morning. Today I am really courious, and thought about getting on the scale, but decided to wait.

See what works best for you with the scale! And good luck! We have the same amount of weight to loose!


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I would say look at the scales as little as possible! Not that I follow that myself! Some days I weigh myself once, sometimes not at all, and sometimes every time I go to the bathroom!! If you don't weigh yourself so much you see it as a bigger all in one loss which is quite nice.
yeah ok...i failed this morning and did it again haha no change tho doh! and asa yeah we do :D ty guys cannot WAIT for tommoro!

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