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omg sweetner in shakes makes them yummer

got to say adding a sweetner to shakes makes them even nicer i could not drink the strawberry ones untill i had no choice as it was the last one of the week and they must have sneeked it in my pack the little ******* so i was not looking forward to it i decided to put a tablet form sweetner which we are allowed and then ice and liquidized it(cant spell)omg it was lush made it taste so much better tryed it with choc one today and its even better got about 4 weeks left now and am going to cycle to work every day this week 8 mile round trip to help maintain losses and i brought my slef a 20 quid bottle of organic 15 year old balsamic vinger ready for refeed my little treat lol love it sorry for rabbitining on and my spelling ;)
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oo ooo u should try the shakes made with hot water yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i used to have the vanilla one with a spoonful of decaf coffee and a sweetner laverlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i now just have the vanilla hot on its own - tis like hot milk but better!!!


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so long as its decaf u can use any coffee ya like!!!

be careful how u mix it - hot water doesnt seem to like to be shaken so i use a whisk - got whisk like a bugger mind



It really does work! :)
Always used sweetners in the strawberry shake, otherwise it never tasted like strawberry.

Always added coffee to the vanilla and chocolate, but with cold water, I didn't find them nice at all with hot water, but I guess that's personal preference.

Not sure why Lisa suggested Decaf only, that's not a requirement as far as I remember. I only used to have decaf up until starting LT, and swapped to normal coffee for the caffeine buzz I lost when stopping drinking my diet pepsi and pepsi max, which also cured my headaches! lol


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I always add a sweetener to my shakes, it totally changes the taste of them I find!!
Well done for finding a way to make them yummier for you!!!

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
yep sweetener definately makes a huge difference!


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caffeine can make ur blood sugar unbalanced and induce cravings - i steer clear of out like that, same with diet coke and the like.

They clear ur headache cos ur bod is no longing withdrawing from the caffeine addiction.

Whatever works for u is fine with me though. :D

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