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Onions on LLT ?


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On total there isn't really an "allowed" list. It's very basic stuff like salt, pepper, tabasco sauce etc.

In practice I suppose it depends how much you plan to use, but no, according to the rules this isn't something you can have.

Edit: I'd also like to say well done for restarting - but really think about stuff like this, i.e. maybe trying to look for extra stuff you can have isn't something you should be thinking about so early on.

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As Joiya says, the plan is called Total Abstinence, so, no, 'fraid not...

Really, if you want to do the plan as it's intended, you should not eat anything which is not contained inside one of your 4 packs a day (other than salt/pepper/tobasco, as listed by LL)... :)

I've done it, full abstinence, for 18 weeks, so it is doable... ;)

Good luck...

I did it for 13 weeks before so yes i know it's do able, but if there is a way of making it better then i would like to use it. As someone i know who is on it uses dried onions i thought i would ask if anyone else knew about it.


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Hey, you can ask anything on here and if people know I'm sure they'll tell you. I don't mean to be critical, anything you eat or don't eat is your choice. I'd just be worried, personally, about looking for things to make it easier so early on, because actually it is probably already one of the easiest diets around.


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I dunno but i totally think it depends on the person because i agree with Joiya, its one of the easiest diets ive ever done and ive done alot without them being as successful as this.

Sorry to derail Smeeba! I havent heared of using them to be honest but then again i dont really add anything but sweetners.. Have you asked your LL councillor? If not you could try it for a day to see if it does affect your weight loss maybe :).


i agree too it was one of the easiest ive ever done aswell, food is out of the picture totally so how much easier can it be......so many people said to me "god it must be so hard" etc but my answer was always nope its easy and it was


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Easy to chose what to eat but not easy with the hunger pangs!!!!


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I can honestly say this is the easiest diet ever and i have never had hunger pangs. I think it's because all day and night I sip water I am never without a drink in my reach! Maybe that keeps hunger at bay.

The negative aspect for me and I guess the longer I have been doing the diet the easier it becomes is more around socialising. I find I keep it to a minimum and feel like a hermit lol xx

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I don't feel too hungry really. Well, I feel hungry and think about food - but I don't feel 'starving' if you know what I mean? So that's good!

The hard thing for me is the packs - I find them very unpleasant to take, and the thought of them makes me feel a bit sick. So it is keeping the hunger at bay, but I feel a bit like an invalid, if that makes sense?

The thing is, we are all different, and it's fab that so many of us find it easy, even if some of us struggle.


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I think we all struggle with varying aspects of it, like I said socially for me! As for your dislike of packs, is it all packs? I have found that only the strawberry, vanilla & banana are suitable to me, which does limit me but the fact I like them helps!

Heres hoping it gets easier for you guys that are finding it a struggle with the packs and hunger (big hugs from me xx)

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I do find the shakes better, and the porridge inoffensive. If it comes down to it, I'll go all vanilla and just have vanilla lattes!

Can you imagine if anyone asks me how I lost the weight (hypothetically speaking of course - since I havent yet!). I'll say breezily, "Oh yes, I did the Vanilla Latte Diet, don't you know?".


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Think it deffinatly depends on your life style. My family and friends live 3/4 hours from me so its sort of easy on the social aspect but christmas time (because i didnt eat) it was soo difficult not joining in.

I dont really get cravings or hungry, i guess because i try not to deal with food and the OH cooks for himself :). The packs mind are becoming a hard choice for me now.. im just sick of them all and vanilla lattes all day isnt good lol.

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