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oops - Now with added pics

why the oops?! x
sorry ladies LOL, I typed something and then changed my mind about it. I've got more replies since I oops'd it than I did on the original post lmao!!

:D xx
Thanks Taz :D I'm actually starting to notice it properly myself. Like when I look in the mirror I can see that it's come off my chins, neck rolls and shoulders LOL. I'll go dig for some pics to post. It's quite shocking actually. Shame it's not doing the same for my bumble bee middle!! that's still nice and round [tut]
Thanks Irene :D I'm going to post another thread to why I've not been around much...

But here are a few head and shoulders shots to show progress. My god I can't believe I walked around looking like I did in the first one. That was May last year, not at my biggest!!! progress along the way to the last pic taken last week.

May 08

February 09
oh wow... you do look good..
cant wait till I can see my 'Proper' chin LOL
well done
You look so much younger already :) Well done you look fab and it must be a great motivator when you notice the weight change


Reached Target. woohoo
Its taken years of you hun, you look wonderful. xxx
You look so much younger already :) Well done you look fab and it must be a great motivator when you notice the weight change
It's not till I got the pics together that I can really tell.

I still see myself as being huge when I look in the mirror. Probably because that's what I've seen for so long it's hard to convince my brain otherwise, so seeing all the pics together like this does kinda bring it home.

Thanks for your lovely comments :D much appreciated


Finding inspiration
Look at those cheekbones... What an amazing change! You have lovely eyes too BTW. And I can't help but notice that smile getting bigger too... and who can blame you. You're looking amazing.
Hello Annie

I came home from my WI last night, having lost another 2.5lb and was slimmer of the week; such a small thing to achieve in life yet I was over the moon and foolishly I was emotional (sounds silly now). I logged in to my MiniMins to update my profile etc and noticed you had posted pictures...While I sat and drank a coffee I looked through your thread and the various "congrats" messages you'd received, I then came across your photos.. How different do you look.. you look so young without your added pounds and just so lovely, I had to shout my hubby to "come and have a look at this lady"... You are my inspiration and if I can look as good as you do at the end of my journey I will be gobsmacked!! Well done, you look fantastic :happy096:
you have done so well so far cant wait to see the end results, and what a lovely post tracee xxx
awww thanks everyone. You've made me go all mushy now LOL. How daft is that?

Minders, I noticed the smile is getting bigger too LOL

Tracee, wow, thanks so much. Such lovely, kind words. I do still have a long way to go so if the changes are this big when I'm not quite 1/3rd of the way there, imagine what the difference will be when I get to target!! And don't feel stupid for getting emotional.. I still do every time I have a good loss :D

On the downside of my face getting thinner... I notice the wrinkles more LOL eeeek. I have to admit, I didn't realise just how old I did look. Hey ho, that's behind me now..

Thanks again for all your lovely comments. It's given me the emotional boost I needed. [mwah!]

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