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Ordered my pack.

Its normally next day delivery if you order before 1. The shakes I make in a liquidiser and then heat - they are nicer hot. The soups I add a little water to and mix with a mini whisk to make a paste, then top up with more water whisking all the time.


I will never give up
I have all my shakes hot i add coffee to the vanilla, banana and strawberry and boil the kettle fill the huge mug with a little water add 3/4 boiling water, add sachet and mix with an aerolatte milk frother and top up with hot water and drink away. Yummy.
That's a good idea with the wee milk frother! X
Where can i get one of these frother's? Would love one as im rubbish at making these sort of drinks lol


I will never give up
Yep that was starlights great idea.


I will never give up
You can get them from ebay or amazon the proper ones are about 10 pound but they do have a cheaper version that you can get for a few pounds.
Oh yes another question. On the Total plan do you have too have 4 weeks on then a week off? Eating meals that are recommended on the exante site? As i read somewhere you need too eat for a week on week 4 n week 12. Or am i getting confused? xx
Glad i didn't get confused lol. Im so excited about starting and thinking positively. Bring on the new year n the new me and the new you! xx
Yeah Christmas is a bad time too be on a diet eh! Ill start sometime next week i reckon! I have my wedding in August as a goal as i dont want too look awful on my big day! Good luck hun xxx
Ooooo where are you going? We are hoping too go ibiza for our honeymoon and taking our little ones too! We went in ocotber 09 and loved it!!! xx

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