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over my moody blues

Hi people,
Well i got up this morning, and i think my moodiness has gone.
Had a mint choc shake for breakfast and really enjoyed it.
Brought in a tetra for lunchtime and will have another tonight when kev has dinner.
I even cooked for my OH last night and I think that is one of the bits I am missing the most.
I cooked for him and really enjoyed it even though i didn't get to eat it. Think he appreciated not having to cook for himself as well.
My trousers whichc didn't fit 3 weeks ago have now gone saggy round the bum which is another good sign and even if not much weight loss this week then my inches are defo going.
weigh in tomorrow
things r looking up
also tomorrow i am going to tell my cdc that i am leaving her. :wave_cry:
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Wants to be a yummy mummy
I know what you mean about the cooking, I really enjoy cooking for h2b too (just looking forward to getting into ketosis so that I dont have to be so hungry while doing it!)

Well done on losing the inches, that's whats matters!!!

How come you're leaving your cdc? Are you leaving CD or just moving to another cdc?
just moving to one who is closer. my current one is a 45 minute drive away and i found out there is another one about 5 mins away from where i work


Wants to be a yummy mummy
Ahh, well that will be better for you surely!!

Am sure she'll understand!
Good luck with telling your CDC. I have been wondering what has happened to me over the last few weeks although I have always enjoyed cooking for some reason I can't wait to start cooking these days and I LOVE making my OH his sandwiches for lunch (something I hated doing before) it must be the connection to food that I enjoy I'm not sure.
You guys all put me to same as my poor husband is neglected (eating dinner at work) as I find cooking a mild form of toture at the moment. I don't mind cooking him food that I'm not keen on (pizza, chips etc) but he is complaining that I'm now making him fat. I can't be near my trigger foods (pasta, anything with cheese, wine, bread) as my hand finds its way to my mouth too easily.

So off he goes with lunch money and eats dinner in the work canteen and comes home and makes his own sandwich. He's one in a million though as never complains and is happy to see me feeling happier and healthier


Full Member
Ceri here.(Quite new to CD). Just had to pitch in. I'm just starting week 3 of ss and have to agree about the coking thing. My husband has never eaten so well. I'm not hungry when cooking and I love to watch him eat his tea. Even after he's finished I think to myself..mmm..that was a lovely dinner! How weird is that. I think I've turned into a food perv!!

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